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July 26, 2009


I think everyone who has the ability should read the text and not the interpretation. Each side tends to slant what something means to suit themselves and this is a huge bill. I have heard the insurance companies like it. You might ask why that would be. And if they do it without a public option, the end result will be a lot more money for insurance companies who reward Congress well for protecting their interests. http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-h3200/text

It won't be free and it won't be perfect. What we have to make sure is we aren't being duped.

This will never happen, but if it did it would be a good thing for most people in the long run:

Cancel your health insurance. Everybody. Right now. National Cancel Your Insurance Week begins August 3. Spread the word.

The health insurance companies have everyone by the short and curlys. There is little competition or incentive to offer competitive rates and good coverage. Most of the insurance companies are corrupt and unethical. They literally look for ways to screw you out of what you've paid for and they get away with it every day. This is a fact and it is deplorable.

If everyone cancels they will be put on the defensive and will be forced to change their policies, offer competitive rates and offer real service or go out of business.

Insurance conpanies are not the only culprits in this mess. In order to prevent price gouging by hospitals and health providers (you know, $10 for one aspirin) an agency should be created where patients and insurers alike can file grievances for excessive and unreasonable charges. A 100% profit ceiling should be the standard beyond which you don't have to pay. If a bandage costs the hostital $1.00 they can't charge $20 for it unless they can prove their cost was $10.

This may go against free enterprise ideals, but health care is vital for everyone and it needs to be regulated. Let the jewelry shops charge whatever they want.

To reduce malpractice insurance costs, a ceiling needs to be created for liability. I mean, if a doctor is negligent and ruins your life you should not be able to win $30 million. Your life is already ruined. The foot that was amputated by mistake is already in the dumpster. What good is that much money going to do? By that logic why not award the plaintiff $200 million? $500 million? $20 billion? Will that restore their eyesight or reverse their paralysis and make everything OK? Rescind the doctor's license and award the patient only enough for them to live comfortably but not lavishly for the rest of their life.

If you want to cut insurance rates get government out of it and get illegal aliens out of it, reform regulations for line items on insurance. If government is so good why has the cost of medicare gone up faster than private? If so good why is congress not going to be on the same plan? Why does the DMV suck and Post Office broke? My vote put Brian & Aliens together on same plan in Mexico or Cuba or maybe China, I am pretty sure Brian won't want to go to any of those places for medical, but he wants it here. I know maybe he can smoke dope and ride a bike and no medical needed. God Help Us, sorry, not Brian he does not do God either just Obama.

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