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May 23, 2009


I suggest that you go shopping for a good pair of gloves. Find a pair that fit really nice and look good as well.
When I got my first "bike" (Briggs&Stratton powered minibike) 48 years ago my step father insisted that I always wear helmet and gloves.
Although gloves are not mandated by law they are equally important in my opinion.
Also, and as a minor footnote, DON'T FORGET THIS:
Have you ever noticed when you set on a used bike or an older bike how the guages are all dull and faded? Uncool, right?
Just remember that the place to store your riding gloves is on the gauges; they'll never fade!
My GS-1000 gauges look like new. :-D

Brian, you are bringing back my memories of scooter riding when I was young. I had a 1957 Indian 750 twin(made by Royal Enfield), and a 1947 AJS 650 Single, set up for the "Widowmaker". Fun Times !!

And you are right about Life being too short. I've decided to be more self-assertive. If that's allright with everybody !!

Wayne, I give you permission to assert yourself. Just be sure to ask me again for permission to change your mind. Seriously though...

If you still had those bikes, you'd be ever cooler than you are now. Imagine riding to Starbucks on one of them. The Harley guys sipping their lattes at the outside tables would have to snap to attention and bow down before you.


Think you might take Evelyn for a ride on your new scooter?


My Indian had the "Ape-Hangers" on it when I got it and It would have fit right in with the Harley guys. On one of my solo rides back then, I was cruising down Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach and while stopped at a signal, heard some Harleys coming up behind me (can't mistake the Harley sound).
I was suddenly surrounded by a group of riders that had "Hell's Angels" on their jackets and vests...Great !
I can imagine what they thought of this young man sitting on a Wannabe Bad Bike wearing Slacks and a sport shirt.

I envy you your youth. Enjoy the new scooter.

Roger, not anytime soon. I see guys taking their kids for a ride, sometimes holding them in their laps in front of them. Doesn't look real safe, especially when the kid is in shorts and a t-shirt (like Dad, but he's old enough to know that's not smart).

Wayne, thanks for the "envy your youth" comment. Having reached the overly ripe age of 60, I don't usually think of myself as being in my youth. But yesterday I had breakfast with an 81 year old woman (who looked darn good), and I suppose to her I was a kid -- of sorts.

What does Laurel think?

Carol Ann, Laurel isn't a big fan of scooters or motorcycles. She's part of the "When people hear..." paragraph, since she's concerned about the dangers of two-wheeled transport. Understandable, but I've assured her that the risks can be much minimized by scootering in a smart and safe fashion.


So, you are going to deprieve me of a pic of Evelyn on your scooter? Ok, I guess I shall just suffer. Poor me. Evelyn is a cutie, but I can just suffer, thats ok.


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