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April 11, 2009


I agree with you. As patients we should do a research for an added knowledge about our disease or medication.

I have no idea why Salem Gastroenterology requires(ed) a two day prep. One day is sufficient. The colonoscopy procedure is no big deal and the drug commonly used to put you to sleep (propophol) for the prodedure has little hangover effect.

The hassle is the day before when you have to cleanse the bowel and stay on a clear liquid diet. It is a day of projectile diarrhea. The toilet is your constant companion and your friends keep their distance. The dog is fightened.

I had surgery on Tuesday for a tumor (villious adenoma neoplasm) in my rectum. I had been noticing some blood on my stool (aka shit) and went to a gastroenterologist who ordered a colonoscopy on Dec. 2. As a result of this examination I was referred to a colo-rectal surgical specialist.

He was able to remove the growth, which he said was quite large. Pathology studies were negative. He said it was almost certain that this thing would have become malignant had it been allowed to remain much longer.

Colo-rectal cancer is insidious. Sometimes you don't have any symptoms until the situation is serious or fatal. While diet and lifestyle can help, anyone can get cancer. Anyone. Even if you live on organic produce and drink a gallon of green tea every day. I suggest if you are over 50 you have a colonoscopy. About 50% of the U.S. population in their 50's and 60's have pre-cancerous polyps which may remain benign, or not.

A colonoscopy is a small price to pay to avoid having your colon removed and going around with a bag on you abdomen for the rest of your life which is not good for scoring chicks at the beach... "Nice bod on that dude, but I don't think I can deal with that shit bag slapping against me while we're doing it."

tucson, you offered up some great advice -- about getting a colonoscopy if someone is 50 or older. It isn't as bad as people expect. And getting colon cancer is a whole lot worse, for sure.

I'm going to have a repeat colonoscopy fairly soon, as a small polyp was found and removed two years ago, and the doctor wanted to check things again in early 2011. I'm not looking forward to it, but I'm not dreading it either, having survived my first colonoscopy just fine.

You need to do a two day prep to get cleaned really well. If you don't get clean the doctor can not see the flat cancer. I had colon cancer at 36 years old. The two day prep is what I do I am still not clean. Maybe I should ask the doctor if I can do a 3 day?

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