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April 28, 2009


"Give me a coyote over a feral cat anytime." here here

If Oregon gets wolves back, the coyote population will be back in line with what it was originally. In Yellowstone it has changed the balance and our last trip there we saw a coyote come running right toward the parked and watching tourists while nervously looking over its shoulder. The wolves kill them as a competitor as canines all have a natural way of doing.

Wolves have migrated into the NE corner of Oregon now although their killing of so many lambs there may end their venture around Baker City. They are more like dogs in their way of killing as many as they can reach instead of just one and eating it-- not popular with ranchers. They also don't kill clean like a coyote as being a bigger animal, they can just put the animal down and eat it while still alive. Coyote doesn't have that option.

Wolves also have rarely been proven to be dangerous to humans although treating any wild animal like a 'how cute' is more the sign of someone naive than experienced. I have mixed feelings about wolves ending up in say my valley where I know they could kill a calf if they wanted, even a cow with enough of them. The other side of the coin is that wonderful sound at night as they sing to the wind. I enjoy the coyotes the same way right up until they kill one of the lambs. To me, coyotes have the most creative possible combination of sounds.

On our last trip through Death Valley, giving me a couple of great photos, a coyote came running right up the road, very hungry looking and only one thing kept it from getting the cookie it clearly wanted-- the entrance permit had the picture of a hand holding out food and a coyote with a big don't symbol running through it. Even then I'd have been tempted. They are soooooooo cute but yes, I know it's not healthy for them to get them used to people providing easier pickings than rabbits.

I agree.

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