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April 26, 2009


I am amazed at the difference a few miles has on water well quality.
We previously lived a couple of miles to the east of you. The water was the finest drinking water imaginable.
I am one that wakes at least once at night and has a small glass of water.
Every single time I had that drink of water I would think, "Damn, thats good!"
The other odd thing there was water quantity.
The old timers in that neighborhood claim that there is an underground lake.
The well drillers say that the GPM there was strictly related to casing and pump.
While living there a neighbor drilled a well and when he hit water the casing blew a guiser, 40' in the air for hours.
The driller finally went home and let it settle down over night.
Up here on Skyline is a different story.
We have the best flow in the neighborhood at 17.5 GPM. Most wells here flow between 5 and 10 GPM and are also VERY DEEP!
There is one up here at 500'deep, 2GPM (so I'm told).
The water is good to drink. Way better than city rot-gut. In fact, when I travel to CA with the bees in FEB, I take a gallon for drinking water; their water SUCKS!
Anyway, we do have a bit of calcium in the water. Enough to cause quite a build-up in the hot water tank after time. Also, things need towel dryed to avoid water spots.
Now to the west of us is REALLY risky drilling territory.
They often hit salt water and then they are screwed.

In our neck of the woods 7 gpm would be considered a gusher. I don't have enough flow to make a pressure washer work.

Hello, the latest technologies of drilling a new well that would supply us with a greater flow than the 10-12 gallons a minute we've got now, and have higher quality water.


We was just informed that we have coliform bacteria in are Well, we share a well with the neighbor. We also live on a lake and because of the bacteria in the lake, so they put in grinders which replaced the septic's. A lot of money for each person and $1500.00, plus 65.00 a month starting a year prior to the poop stations being done. Had to abandon the old septic and fill with sand or pea gravel; why they didn't run city water at the same time doesn't make since. Our neighbor's transferred house is up for sale so they are doing all house inspection, we share the Well an it showed Coliform Bacteria and the well isn't up to code, no cap so that has to be added and they are talking drilling a new well with submergible pump. The well is shallow, but we have canals where we live and one is nothing but gray water and you can pull a stick out and it will light like a torch from the gas and stinks. e freaked when we found out as I have Multiple Sclerosis and we don't eat out because of unclean people serving you food not washing there hands. We have told many neighbor's s they can get there well tested. We also think that there are septic's that was supposed to be pumped and filled that wasn't and that with all the rain we have had possible they are still having run offs into the ground and into the one Canal that is nasty a foot deep of gray water. Don't know if there are grants to clean it out, but I know there has to be more than just the 2 houses with this problem, calling the health department tomorrow to see what they say!!! Glad I read your story. Thanks for sharing, We already Thanks again!!!

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