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March 21, 2009


But if most of your life involves talking about your life, won't there come a time when you run out of outside stories and all there is to say is something about the saying you've been doing?

I used to laugh that when I was busy doing interesting things, I blogged so much less. But I adjusted how/why I blogged, and as a result found space for it because I was doing interesting things I wanted to share.

I'm still ambivalent about Twitter; for some time it made no sense to me, but then I started to follow a small few, and started twitting myself. I find it annoying now that more people/organizations are just trying to use it as another method of advertising. I don't need that.

One key I've found to "doing" all the hot social networks is using other tools that do the hard work for you. I have it set up so that I change a status or send a twit, and it then updates all of those resources.

When asked if he had Twittered Stephen Colbert replied that he had "Twatted."

I have wondered about twitter too. I don't do it and do not read anybody's but hear a lot talk about doing it-- especially media and political types. Why would I care what they do all day? I can't imagine being interested in everything my friends either. I keep in touch with those who I do care about what they are doing through msn messenger which I enjoy but use less now than I used to. When I first had it, sometimes I'd have three conversations going at once. Now, I have maybe 18 contacts and might talk to one (not the same one) in a day but those few are important to me to keep in touch and discuss ideas. I don't see how twitter would do that. *drinking my first cup of coffee, does anybody care?*

I'm not really jumping on the twitter bandwagon yet but I did sign up to check it out. There's a way to update your facebook status and your twitter status at the same time...if you're interested. But again, what's the point? Minutia?

One thing about "tweeting" is it allows average people to be "citizen reporters". Often twitter breaks stories before the media can. Although I think this is really the exception and not the rule.

Also, the reason for the 140 character limit is because that is the maximum size for text messages. So you can text to update your twitter.

p.s. I came across your blog via a google search. I've enjoyed it so far :)

Lindsay, your comment came in just before I started to write another post where I shamelessly admit to having opened a Twitter account:

Thanks for explaining the reason for the 140 character limit. I didn't know that. Since I lean toward verbosity (actually, I wallow in it), I figure it will be good for me to keep my keyboard clicks to 140 or less.

Follow me! I need followers! (If you start tweeting, I'll become your follower.) Click:

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