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March 06, 2009


I have to agree with the Randi Rhodes sentiment. In the beginning, way back, I found her alright. Informed, insistent -- and alright. But over the years she just began attacking her own guests so much I couldn't take it anymore.

I do understand her frustration, but we're all on the same team here -- chill out woman.

The rest of the info is, of course, infuriating. But I knew it was the case, didn't like to think about it but I knew.

There is a documentary I need to suggest here -- which illustrates when the money is in control of the media writ large. It is called "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised."

here is a link, it's worth your time: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Revolution_Will_Not_Be_Televised_(documentary)

Have to jet, I'll check back,


I didn't like her either and avoided that time on talk radio even if i was in the car, about the only time I do listen to any talk radio. I like Ed Schultz best of them all as he seems fair, has his own agenda, isn't rude and sometimes has good guests to discuss serious topics

I agree with you about Nancy Skinner -- she's very easy to listen to and respectful of all of her guests and callers. Just as President Obama does, she believes we need to talk to the other side and be able to have a dialogue. We won't accomplish anything if we remain a big echo chamber, just talking to ourselves. The only way to make progress is to bring everyone to the table. Nancy doesn't have to argue with her conservative guests -- she can hang them by their own words just by having a civilized conversation with them.

When I begin work in the morning I tune into the completly fair and balanced and totally unbiased FOX radio. :-;
Unfortunatly, Bill O'Reilly left the air recently and was replaced with Glenn Beck.
So far, he rates about equally with Rhodes with me. I mean, I'll listen a bit longer but the constant pounding of heavy, heavy sarcazim just wears on me.
Of course we all agree that Lars and Michael Savage are the best!
If you want to listen to the best on the left, tune your radio to AM 810 at 1:00 am Monday thru Friday and listen to Ray Talifario on KGO.
I have been listening to him on and off for 24 years.
Of course, I wonder if he suffers from the same problem that many Dumb-ocrats suffer from; lack of information and relevent experience.(ahem; in my opinion)
Have they:
Worked in logging operations?
Crushed aggregate?
Raised children?
Ran manufacturing facilities?
The list goes on and on and the answer is NO, NO, NO, right on down the line.
All of these things however are provided for their dreamy little life by OTHERS.
Who are those other people?
Clue: They aren't listening to airhead america, thats for sure!

Yeah, I enjoy Talifario. The rest of the lineup on the left fail due to a total lack of anything to talk about. At least anything REAL.

Huggs & Kisses!

I think a very important point is missing: while Randi Rhodes' style is not soft & smooth, I can find no other source for succinct political news (with links, so I strongly disagree with the "factually challenged" statement). In today's near total takeover of broadcast communication by the Right, I want information, facts, links, who is behind what and whom to contact. It would be a plus to have a "nice" personality, but we have tons of those on the Right.

I had some issues with Randi, sometimes it seemed like she was trying to silence any viewpoint that differed even slightly from her own. There were a lot of callers who would call in and agree with her on a number of points only to get shouted at or cut off. Often if a caller was making headway on making a valid point that disagreed with hers, they were swiftly bumped. She might have considered herself the voice of dissent, but that dissent was held on a pretty tight leash. I think she was the voice of controlled dissent. If you had anything to say about the 911 truth movement, white males not being the source of all evil in the world, or pretty much anything else that she might have a problem with, you were NOT allowed to even get a word out over her screaming. For this reason I stopped listening to her. Rachel Maddow and Stephanie Miller are much more entertaining and much less pompous. If she returns to the airwaves, and I am sure she will, hopefully it will be with a more open mind and a much needed dose of humility.

Mr Krell, excellent points. That's almost exactly how I experienced Randi Rhodes also. I'd listen to her blab on for a long time, then she'd say, "Let's take some calls." I'd think, "Thank God. Now I can hear what someone else thinks."

But like you pointed out, almost immediately Rhodes would interrupt the caller, even if he or she was agreeing with Randi's position. It was like she couldn't stand not hearing her own voice. Deeply irritating.

It's amazing to me that so many people concentrate as much as they do on Randi Rhodes' style over her substance. Seems a bit superficial to me, as I'd rather listen to her and ignore the occasional rudeness and impatience rather than someone more mellow, polite, politicall correct, but less informed, articulate, to-the-point, and diligent.

I hope she finds a new home soon. If you don't like her style, tune out for those three hours.

Randi's show kept me informed and up to date with FACTS. Facts that she dared her listeners to double check. And she did it all with wit and humor. Her style has bite! And I like that.

I like Thom Hartmann as well. He too keeps me informed but his style is different, more mellow.

Maddow, Shultz, Malloy, Miller, Regan, Skinner and the rest all have different styles. Some I like, some I don't. The ones I like I listen to. The rest I turn off.

I listened to Skinner a few times the first couple of weeks. I can say after her repeating tales of her good times at Fox News over and over and her trying to convince her listeners we don't have time to hold the Bush admin. accountable so we should just let it all slide, I turned her off.

You like her and that's just fine. But not on Randi's watch. When she comes back (and she will), you can stream Skinner on the internet from her broadcast station.

Judy, NOOOOOOO! That's too scary to contemplate...Randi Rhodes returning. If there is a progressive, God(dess), hear my prayers: keep Randi off the air, forever.

She was not factual, not at all. She'd say whatever popped into her head. Rhodes even was proud of that...thinking from her gut, just like George Bush did.

Good riddance to Randi. Look live Nancy Skinner.

Brian wrote:

"It's amazing to me that so many people concentrate as much as they do on Randi Rhodes' style over her substance".

Brian .... there are many more times the people who listened to Randi because of her STYLE, she became a cult of personality and her loyal listeners worshiped her.

All I hoped that Randi would do was allow callers to the show a chance to speak without filibustering/hogging the convo, and I would wish that she'd stay away from the rants.

So you see Brian, it's not always what a person says, it's also HOW they say it.

Reggie, I didn't say that. Another commenter did. I agree with ypu. Randi's style was the problem. Her substance was somewhat lacking also, but not to the same degree as her annoying style.

Randi Rhodes was the left wing version of Rush and O'Reilly in my opinion.

As much as our side ( liberals ) complain and the one-sided nature of discussions on right wing nut radio, I hate to admit this but Randi's show was no different, only the point of views were different.

If Randi got a call from a right winger, things typically turned ugly with Randi yelling down the caller. It seemed much of the time that Randi was so ready to fight that she'd even take on callers to the show who called to AGREE with her, it was as if Randi was always wound too tight and ready to pounce.

I'd tune out whenever I heard those long stories about her illnesses, her surgeries, her personal chaotic life, etc.,

I called Randi's show to disagree with a point she made and it was a struggle to get a word in, Randi completely team rolled everything ... I can listen to Bill O'Reilly for that.

I’d rather have the clear thinking of a true, if sometimes rude, progressive than the muddied middle ground that Nancy Skinner occupies. If she is supposed to be progressive, why does she declare every half hour that she is not a right-wing plant?
Why is she a regular on FOX? Not because she is progressive.
Does she ever stop sounding like she is still running for office?

Randi represented a raw truth with plenty of material to back up the stories.
Nancy serves a massaged truth with a side of FOX.

Is that what you are ready for?

I agree with most of the folks here. Randi was pretty unpleasant and egotistical. Her call screener was usually a complete jerk as well... I got sick of Randi belting out, "He has a name you know!!!", I know, I know, it's John, but don't make us feel like we're being disrespectful towards the call screener if we don't mention him by name. I won't miss any of that nonsense.

Another thing I won't miss is her incessantly hacking into the microphone. I mean, come on! I'm only a podcaster AND a smoker and I know how unpleasant it sounds when you're coughing into the mic. I don't have a mute button either! I have a hard time believing she couldn't use a mute button.

I was curious to see if Randi would reinstate her website and offer some kind of legit explanation, and make a big comeback, but I've been sorely disappointed.

I sure hope Nancy Skinner makes a go of things. I really like her style and wish her the best. The show had a rocky start, but it's been a treat the last couple weeks.

You people are too hard on Randi. Sure she can be a bitch at times, but if you will listen to the woman she does not have a man in her life to give her the pasifier. Women are less agressive if they get some. And, she has a heart for the working class and comes up with unique insights. I think she is a champ. Nancy is good to but Randi punches them in the chops. Not like our weak kneed Democratic leadership in congress.

Randi Rhodes is definitely more accurate and thorough with her reporting on all the issues than Nancy Skinner will ever be. I think having a well informed and "in your face" show is necessary to attempt to balance out the "so-called" progressive talk show hosts that are scared to go out on a limb because they don't have the research to back themselves and their stories up. Randi Rhodes had a lot more listeners...

I love Randi Rhodes! She has her imperfections, but no one prepares and studies for her work like Randi. She brings a "fresh-eyes"perspective fresh that is informative.

I think she will come back better than ever.

Improved Randi.

I do not preferr Nancy Skinner. She seems weak to me. Scattered in her thoughts and presentation. Too much FOX NEWS on her program!!!

Also, her nervous laughter begins to irritate me.

I have listened to Randi Rhodes since Feb of 2004. Initially I did find her style slightly uncomfortable in terms of interrupting callers, but either she changed or I adjusted to her bold upfront style.

BUT, it was nothing compared to the rest of her show and superb TALENT. She always showed tremendous heart in dealing with the nut jobs who called in sometimes. Yes, she used to get into it with them ....and what else do you expect in order to educate a nation of 90% plus idiots, including many people who call themselves "progressive". I think there are many conservative losers and drop outs who masquerade as progressives in this country.

She did great work putting out homework everyday for the ignorant, illiterate citizenry, always followed up with links to back her show and her words, she was committed to the truth and fact, I have heard her admit that she was wrong more than once after a spat with a caller, she was extremely astute and well read about our Constitution (which over 90% of US citizens are completely ignorant about), she had Constitutional scholars from three sides (Jonathan Turley - libertarian, John Dean - Conservative, Bruce Fein - progressive), she knows the intricacies of our legalese (which is often used to break the law), she could debate the most rabid morons that she let on the air, I used to worry that she may have a heart attack debating those fools and she even debated Alan Keyes that ultimate rabid mad dog ****head, talking robot and got him tied up in knots, which I thought was an incredible accomplishment.

She may have made many listeners uncomfortable by her bawdy/sexual jokes and open references to porn but if you think about it, the people who work in the porn industry have more honor and dedication to their work than the whole republican party and even many democrats in Congress. What is more pornographic than mass murdering thousands, impoverishing millions and robbing trillions while the Congress stood by watching for 8 years.

There were some days she drove me nuts and drove up my blood pressure because I thought she was wrong or I disagreed with ere. (Example her show about Oprah who I think is just a commercial shallow phoney but Randi adores her but so be it). If it was too much I would just turn off the radio. But I always came back for more.

The idea of progressivism and liberalism is that we will have differing opinions that drive us nuts occasionally or even more than occasionally. That is the principle of free speech which I can guarantee many so called ""progressives"" do not truly understand and respect.

I look forward to the day when she is on the air again. I appreciate the sacrifices she has made to speak the/her Truth so boldly which in this county is really risky business.

I don't know what has happened to Randi, but I hope she is okay and I hope she is regrouping to find her good/famous/rich friends to help her found her own radio station and be truly free.

We have listened to Randi since BEFORE the Cheney/Bush gang planned the Iraq War, and she warned us it was coming long before we got embroiled! On almost everything she chose to discuss, she ended up being informed and correct! If only America had heard and listened to Randi, we might all be in a different place today!
Unfortunately, Rush, Bill, Glen and Sean, and worse...FOX TV.. seem to have mesmerized the country, and they are now blaming Clinton(s) and Obama(s) for everything while the rest of the world shakes its head in wonder!
Do we ever miss Randi; her old station here in Florida, WJNO, has gone totally arch conservative, and Air America here has very little except Thom Hartman to offer. Stephanie is OK, but the canned laughter is pretty hard to take, too!
Randi, babe, COME HOME! Most of us miss you!

I'd just like to add that my husband (85 and
I (81), fully agree with everything John (previous post) said about Randi! She could hold intelligent dicussions or debates with many of the top intellectuals here in the USA, and could back up, factually, almost everything she said! OK, so we cringed a bit sometimes and muttered under the breath
"OK, Randi, let it go", but we so admired her discussions we kind of ignored the downside! Can you do that with Rush, etc?
We can't; we have to shut them off completely!
By the way, I've bookmarked this site and happy to have found it!

Dear SRB. Its obvious you have no clue of what you're talking about. Especially if you listen to the likes of Hanitty and O'Reilly. I could take apart you or them in a debate with one hand tied behind my back. But as most brainwashed conservatives, you bring no proof of the claims you make. Let me show you how its done.

Randi Rhodes was telling people on the air just shortly after the Iraq war was started that there were no WMDS and that a certain person, code named "CURVEBALL" was the informant they (Bush and Cheney) to dream up this whole mess of Saddam having WMDs. Well, lo and behold, later on when "CURVEBALLS" name was released (Rafid Ahmed Alwan) and the cat was out of the bag. The world was clued in that Hans Blix was right, there were never the WMD's stockpiles that George Bush and his cronies said there were. Liars. Get it? They lied. Check out this link about curveball.


Now for the idiot O'Reilly. Ever hear of the massacre at Malmudy? O'reilly did. But apparently someone didn't tell O'Reilly that it wasn't the Americans that massacred 90 Germans, but the other way around. Don't believe me. Watch the idiot live here from a clip where he not only once, but twice claims it was Americans that massacred Germans. O'reilly is an idiot. And anybody that relies on him for the facts would be an idiot as well.


Dear "John the Mechanic,"

Pardon my intrusion, but I wonder if your criticism ought not have been aimed at Harry Vanderpool rather than the one called "SRB."

The info. as to who posts a note here on Brian's blogs follows each printed note. It does not precede it. It appears to me that your note seems more responsive to Mr. Vanderpool's remarks than to "SRB"'s.

Since I was once accused of making statements which were not my own (on Brian's other blog) - but were those of the thug whose remarks followed mine - I am a bit sensitive to this. For these reasons I suggest that you might check to see if "SRB" is really the one you actually wanted to criticize, since that person's words don't seem to fit with your response.

Robert Paul Howard

For those of you who actually admit to preferring Nancy Skinner over Randi Rhodes, you might as well just watch or listen to Faux News. She is a shill for the right. She comes off as a "conservadem," but actually, she is way too tied in with Faux News. Yes, she claims she is fighting the good fight, by appearing on that propaganda network, and "debating" those jerks; but, my gut tells me otherwise. She's way too chummy with them. Also, she is very defensive-i heard her read a letter on the air, complaining about the content of her show, and she really let the person have it, quite unprofessionally, I might add. I was suspicious. Later, I read in the Mike Malloy message board, that she cherry-picked the content of the letter and didn't really address what is was complaining about. She ended up calling the person "a hater!" Sounds like right-wing tactics to me.

The fact that she took Randi's time slot, and is so lacking in talent, and credibility, is unacceptable!

Notice how all the real cool radio hosts have vanished, or been diminished? Randi, Mike (going indie! i support him!), Sam Seder (1 hour in the breakroom @ AAR!) and all the lame, soft, republican-lite-types are getting all the airtime!

Ah, dear friends, it did not take too long after my last post to turn on AIR AMERICA to discover it no longer exists here in Florida! Clear Channel, home of Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, et al, sold out to an all sports radio station, so here we are, with only TV MSNBC and Keith Olbermann and Rachel left to tell us how it really is. Oh, and Ed Schultz came onboard last week. Absolutely nothing left for me to turn on the radio for news. NPR is fine for intellectual content, but I miss my Nova Radio and AAR! Will the Progressives EVER get their act together again?
Being very long retired, we really can't afford to get all the XM Radio, Sirius, etc, my kids enjoy, but I keep hoping things will turn around!

Good news Randi fans! Starting on May 11th she will be returning to KPOJ, KTLK, Green 960, et al. She is truly the voice for the masses in progressive talk radio and has been sorely missed for these many weeks. So fellow progressives, tune in and turn on to AM 620 KPOJ 3-6 weekdays.

Any idea what program she will be connected to elsewhere? Or how I can find out? Wow, do we miss her insights! Thanks so much...

Watch Nancy Skinner on TV. She has a problem sitting still. She blinks wayyyy too many times. She has not sat still for one second in about 3 interviews I have watched. Does she have a medical condition?

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