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March 22, 2009


Brian, on issues such as this I find myself on both sides.
If I was a sheep farmer I would be on the killing end.
I'm a beekeeper, take a look:


For me, the coyote helps manage rodents such as mice, rats, gray-diggers and the like.

When we bought our place 20 years ago there were so many gophers in the front field, it looked rototilled.

Right now I can tell you that I have 2 gophers on the entire property. And one of them has a trap waiting for them.

It is perfectly normal for folks to control pests on their property.

For me, the coyote is of value.
So for every knucklehead that shoots, we protect.

By the way, when my son Austin as 9 or 10 he walked into the house and announced that a coyote walked along side of the riding mower as he mowed the lawn.
I'm like, "Sure!!!, sure..."
Then within a week, I was on the Ford tractor, and I'll be damned if a coyote didn't tag along side the tractor and grab every mouse that appeared!!!
That has been many years ago.
Last summer, I had a coyote alongside the tractor daily as I baled hay.
He (or she????) was perfectly content as long as I didn't stop the tractor and stand up.
If I did that the coyote just about did a backflip and run for its life.
It is if they don't realize that a human is present until you stand up with the tractor stationary.
I'm with you; coyotes get a pass.

Harry, speaking of bees, my wife has a question for you...

She's heard about the decline in honeybees, and we have a few small tree holes with hives in them. But she's been looking for some sort of bee hive home to provide further places for them. We don't know where to find an inexpensive one.

She doesn't want to become a beekeeper for honey. We already have Mason bee boxes; She wants to do something for honeybees.

We raise sheep and we still do not consider coyotes to be bad until they go after the sheep. They do keep down small rodents which can make people sick; so it's good to have them around up until they are after the lambs or ewes-- even then, I'd as soon scare them off with shots close enough to put the fear of me into them. Once they start eating the lamb though, there is no stopping short of killing them.

Coyotes will kill small pets, and people who have small dogs or cats need to be aware of that. Out here neighbors were sitting on their porch with their dogs in the yard with them. A coyote ran into the yard, grabbed the smallest dog and ran off with it before the neighbors could realize its intent. Tucson has them right near the houses because they have no fear of humans. They have to eat and it's not carrots that they want.

The best thing you can do if you have bee trees is watch what insecticides you use.
SEVIN is a no-no.
Most other insecticides will have label instructions for use when bees are present.
Maybe you can pass these thoughts on to your neighborhood committee members.

Providing homes for honeybees is beekeeping any way you slice it, and must be done correctly. Otherwise you have a mess on your hands.

One of these days Dr. Debbie Delaney is going to be mapping our feral bee trees around here. She takes a few bees to analyze their genetics.
We have a few bee trees here also.
Maybe we can see yours at that time???
The object is to determine if the bees are truly feral, survivor bees, or beee trees that regularly die off and then get restocked with commercial swarms.
She plots the DNA and assesses the genetic diversity. Currently she is in South Carolina.

An increase in coyote populations in response to hunting has been shown over and over again. And yet, folks insist on hunting them to try to fight the facts. I think people enjoy shooting them, and just don't want to admit it. The more they shoot, the more will be available to shoot -- an endless cycle.

Fascinating info on the Bees Harry, I enjoyed hearing about this study you are talking about.


What a bunch of politically correct crap! Killing coyotes is justified due to their incursion and attacking domestic animals. Kill them all!

I was walking my dogs yesterday when I heard a shotgun fire. This was January first but I knew it wasn't a firercracker! Someone had shot a Coyote! I live in Georgia, Walker County, a well populated area. I have woods in back of my house and there are woods around the corner. We are just below Missionary Ridge on the Tenn., Ga.border. I don't like gun shots to be fired in populated areas. In fact, I really don't know if it was a coyote killed or my neighbor's German Shepard that got loose! I have owned mixed-breed German Shepard/Husky combos that could be mistsken for a coyote. What are the laws in Georgia about shooting a gun in populated areas and about killing coyotes>

Coyotes are wild creatures that need to eat to live. They are NOT killers. They do NOT compete with the deer hunter or hunters of any kind unless hunters are eating rodents. The eastern coyote is a mixed breed/species--a genetic mix of western coyote and an eastern species of wolves. Great blood-line. They will mate with dogs--so take care to spade/neuter...and the pups have all the natural instincts of a coyote--they do not make good pets. So don't think that it is "cool" to mate dogs with coyotes. It is the pet owners (especially cat and small dog owners) responsibility to live with coyotes and keep their animals out of harms-way, and it is a human's responsibility to not leave food or compost outside that attracts them. The coyote can carry a tapeworm--so if you leave your dog food/compost uncovered, then you may find feces; if you think that you are picking-up feces that may not be your dog's, you may be right. Coytoes get mange just like dogs and rabies too. Thus, be a responsible pet owner by flea/tick/vaccinating your animls. Don't blame the coyote for your dog getting mange. GA's policy of choice is for us and them to co-exist. GA is lush; there is room for both humans and coyote. During pupping, you will see more coyote in the daytime. Be aware. Mom coyotes are busy. If you kill her, you leave families homeless. Coyotes have a great role in Biodiversity. They eat other living things that would otherwise cause harm to other species (like ducks). They eat rodents (of all types) that destroy grain or cause disease. If you really want to control coyotes, get a pack of wolves and let them leave feces, urine and scent all around your yard! Coyotes just like wolves (and dogs); they have boundaries, but please don't shoot or poison them; far more dogs have harmed human's then the coyote in the US.

kill the coyotes haha

I have 4 cats and consider it my responsibility to keep them in. If I don't and a coyote gets them, then that is my own fault. I had chickens and had to keep them penned up and locked up at night or they would get eaten. That is my responsibility as a caretaker for these animals. Killing coyotes is the lazy way out. We can live in harmony with nature if we choose, it isn't meant to be easy.


MATER, you're wrong. Coyote attacks are extremely rare. Children are much more likely to be bitten or killed by the family dog. Hopefully you don't have any dogs around, or allow them to come close to your family, because dogs are hugely more dangerous to people than coyotes are.

(Actually, people are much more dangerous to people than any animal is; maybe we should do away with people so we'll be safer.)

There only have been two people killed by coyotes, ever. One was in Canada. The other may actually have been a victim of child abuse, not a coyote. Here's some links to look over:


Bottom line: don't be afraid of coyotes. Be afraid of dogs and people.

Coyotes are in my neighborhood (Fairfield County, CT). Despite all of your rants about living in "harmony" with coyotes, I know different. We had a Maine Coon cat (she was large, but gentle). She was killed in our back yard one evening. My wife and I were quite upset, my (then) 9 year old son was devastated. He went from door to door letting the neighbors know so that they could keep their pets safe. Despite my sons actions we continually see postings for "Lost Pet". All the dads know what has happened to their family pet, but they dutifully go around the neighboorhood attaching signs with pictures of the misssing animal for their sons and daughters, in the hopes that by some miracle the pet will be returned.

This morning while walking our 5 month old puppy in our back yard, a coyote pup appeared a mere 25 ft away. We have come to find out that there is a "den?" of 6 coyote pups living in my neighbors yard next door. I have no intention of allowing these predators to get large enough to bring down my pet or anyone elses. They can "co-exist" with you in your neighborhood... not in mine.

Personally, this is the way I see it. We are humans (the biggest and badest predator on the planet)... I plan on exterminating these unwanted and unwelcome asap. Sorry if I offend your "sensibilities".

Bang Bang, I can sort of relate to your attitude, since we have two dogs ourselves. However...

Viewing humans as the top predator that can do whatever we want on this planet runs the very real risk of making life impossible for humans. So your attitude ultimately is self-defeating.

This is our one and only world. If we don't treat the ecosystem that supports us with respect, we're shooting ourselves in our own foot (so to speak). There's a balance in nature. We're part of that balance. We can't tilt everything our way, or we'll screw up the environment to such a degree, human life/culture won't survive as we know it.

Other animals, like coyotes, wolves, and cougars, aren't our enemies. We can live with them. It just takes some education, which unfortunately many people don't take the trouble to get.

My wife and I know the benefits of coyotes. For example, they control California ground squirrels, which are an invasive species to Oregon which can do a lot of damage to house foundations.

Everyone here but Cheryl & Brian (god bless U both) is an Fing tool! Your all 4 coyotes killing other ppls animals and children. Until it has happened to U, U need to shut the F up! Oh and that is pure BS that coyote attacks R rare. There R pages and pages of attacks on humans in So Cal. So stop spreading lies Mater your a joke!

Unfortunately, coyotes are dangerous predators. As they become more and more comfortable around people, because we do not treat them as the dangerous predators that they are, they will begin to longer fear us and will and have begun to predate on us. This recently happened to a young woman in Canada, the coyotes killed here:


And there has been documented cases of young children being killed by coyotes as well. On the East Coast coyotes have begun to disrupt the ecosystem as they are not native to the environment, and are destroying native populations.

Coyotes are dangerous, and should be treated as such. In some areas they are invader species, and to protect the local wildlife they will need to be eliminated in one form or another, or the local animal life will suffer greatly.

Living with nature means living with open eyes.

I have lived in Western North Carolina most of my life. I have been fortunate in the last few years to be able to lease some property to hunt in South Carolina. 3 years ago deer were very plentiful, we had seen 14 or more turkey together almost every time we hunted the property. We plant "food plots" and try to provide the best habitat. We select our harvest and do not shoot all we see. We practice good management with the harvest of our deer. We have not harvested any turkey. We did not see a coyote. The second year we started hearing coyotes. This year we have killed 2 coyotes and 2 Deer, our deer and turkey have disappeared. We now have a serious problem. There are more coyote tracks than deer tracks on the property. South Carolina and North Carolina have recently revised their hunting of coyotes. It is now legal to hunt them at night with spot lights. The coyotes are becoming a serious problem, more so than people realize. I love nature, we have black bear come through, have deer, foxes, bobcats, etc. I have never seen anything change the deer and turkey population like the coyotes. Nothing. We have a problem. New evidence and studies are proving this. Living with nature is fine, but unless we want to start living like the native americans did, and decrease our population to fractions of its current size, we as humans have to manage populations of wildlife. That means managing alpha predators such as the coyote. Especially if they start invading populated areas and endangering humans. Now, what about the problem with ferral hogs??

so if adam and eve were killed in the beginning, the human population would have thrived, and overpopulated. what kind of stupid logic, is this about killing coyotes, makes them breed, and thrive stronger, just don't understand. My thought one killed is one that will not reproduce, simple as 2-1..

"It bothers us when people shoot guns in a populated area" - this hidden comment speaks volumes of the author's mindset. Now mind you, the "populated area" he is referring to is not Central Park. In my opinion, the comment represents a larger perspective on life, death, harmony, and security. He is quick to point out that coyote attacks on humans is very low despite data to the contrary. I wonder how many negligent homicides the area he is referring has experienced due to firearm usage? Probably just as few.

I would ask the author to spend some time in the woods and see if his feelings on coyotes change. I was recently charged by one while I was hunting and I had to put it down. It made me sad, because they're so closely related to dogs, but this coy was 40 lbs at least. They're no joke; a single coyote of that size can mess you up, let alone a pack. You get your "facts" from biologists who spend very little time in the woods. It's a running joke in some circles, that wildlife photographers know more about "wildlife" than biologists ever will.

Here in Georgia the DNR has declared open season, you can even bait them in. It's a bad situation, and while you are somewhat correct about their breeding, the answer is NOT to do nothing. The answer is certainly not to write arrogant and snotty-ass articles about your neighbors either. Just because you don't understand rural people does not make them stupid. Their families have lived there for generations, they know the woods and it's denizens like the backs of their hands. You are out of your element and it shows.

The facts are it's an invasive species and it's decimating the native species populations. Deer and turkey have been here forever, are you willing to let them possibly die out than admit your neighbors are right?

Like I said, go for a long stroll at dawn or twilight, when you encounter them, let us know how it went.. They're getting bolder every year.

Just stumbled across this site while trying to research how many injuries and deaths to humans and pets have occurred BY coyote hunters since this thread started. I can assure you that from what I've found I'll take my chances with a coyote any day.
I certainly hope that since this topic opened humans have come to realize through scientific evidence that the best form of "management" or control is to leave them alone! Only specific situations, I.e., proven depredation, require lethal removal. They control their own populations very effectively even if seeing one on occasion is too much for some people. You're not accomplishing anything good for your neighbors despite what you think.
And "yes", there is a nice stable coyote population in my neck o' the woods - as long as some self-proclaimed "do-gooder" doesn't come along to upset the balance.

Over the years we have had a large population of Ferral cats on our property that also help control rodents. The Coyotes have come through and taken out over half of the population in a few months. I put out a a couple of trail cams and found they are now patrolling our fences after the pets. There is no doubt what will happen if i do not do something about it soon. I think most of the people who say co exist with coyotes are the ones that the coyotes do not have an effect on there daily lives. When finally it does affect them these same people will look to the government for help or no help as is the usual case. I guess i can feed them or kill them. I think i will choose the later

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