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March 14, 2009


Brian, thank you for your good work and thoughtful comments on this.
Very well said!

Thank you for what you do for the cause of land use in Oregon. The beautiful Metolius especially deserves protection but those who only value money need to see more reasons to block this kind of thing. Maybe, for those capable of thinking, you have given them some to think about. Very frustrating as once such a development is there, there is no taking it back

I enjoyed your video of the Suttle Lk trail. Did you know that the Metolian is a eco-friendly plan that doesn't even take water from the ground-unlike the lodge where you stayed. The Ponderosa is 6mi from the river and the wells would tap into the Deschutes basin waters. What is happening in area ne of sisters now is urban sprawl - I think everyone has their panties in a bunch because many think its going to be ON the metolius. I am alittle sick of the 'not in my backyard-I have my slice of heaven' people incl. the governor. I have a place near there and would like to see it happen- with the approved amount for the Ponderosa plan quite a bit smaller.

Informative post! Thanks. I'd rather support more usage for camping and other lighter footprint development. If people want to go see a concrete jungle complete with pools, restaurants and casinos, there are already plenty of options.

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