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February 22, 2009


but as you said, that money was possible money. Not too many people lost their actual input to the accounts. They lost what they thought they made. And a few people could have gotten that 'thought they made' money if they cashed out before this happened and are holding the cash. That's money you put in and they might have that. It's what happened apparently in the Ponzi scheme where some of his family and a few others cashed out which is why there might not be enough in the account (where he wasn't actually investing it maybe at all) to cover all that people originally put into it.

We have been living in an illusion and reality is coming home.

Dear Brian,

I noticed the assertion that "...money...is a matter of faith...."

It appears that you have lost your faith once more.

Robert Paul Howard

Well, I've never had faith that money can't be lost...or gained. Obviously money comes and money goes.

What the quote refers to, I think, is that there's nothing substantial behind money. It involves societal agreements founded on a fabric of civilization.

You can't eat money. Or plant it. Or live in it. When I used to read science fiction stories about the end of the world as we know it, money quickly becomes useless as lawless hordes roam the earth.

Hopefully we'll never get to that point. But the current financial meltdown does show how fragile our concepts surrounding "money" are.

Thank you, Acomplia, for slipping your advertisement into Brian's blog. He's let several others in (on penis enlargement) recently, too. This is, apparently, the way of the world.

Robert Paul Howard

Robert, I can assure you that I don't "let in" comment spam. When it slips through the TypePad spam filter, I delete the crap as soon as I notice it.

I'm supposed to get emails of every comment, but some spam comments don't get to my inbox. I'm going to complain to TypePad about this. (I just deleted the comment, so it won't show up now.)

Dear Brian,

Thank you.

Robert Paul Howard

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