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January 29, 2009


What can I say? I've had this Safari issue for ages and this has solved it. Thanks a million! I don't know why it works either but it does.

Nantwich, England

Wow thank you so much! This solved it for me too!

Thank you, Thank you!! It worked like a charm.

I cannot thank you enough! After searching the web all day, I am so glad to have found your solution. It fixed the safari problem instantly. Thanks for sharing the info. I wish I could give you a BIG HUG!!!

Marie, I just passed on a solution described by someone else. But I appreciate your thanks and will accept a cyberspace hug.

Thank you very much . a beautiful quick solution. Best regards
Carl Hallstrom Wentworth Falls NSW Australia

Thanks you for the solution ...i was facing this probs since 13 days thanks a lot buddy

Nope, didn't work for me!

those are common domain name server addresses (resolves addresses like hinessight.blogs.com into the number and vice versa). I'll try the same. Good tip!

Thanks a bunch, it worked beautifully!

Thanks, so much. We were having severe weather and my Safari would not upload the weather maps. Worked perfectly!!

Solved half of the problem, seems like it fixed the issue of Google maps not loading any images, safari however still not quite right but thanks heaps for putting me on the right path.

Thank you i was freaking out and this fixed it!!!!!!

Fabulous! Thanks so much. Fixed it right up.

I can not believe this worked!!! i have been suffering with this problem for months!! called internet company, called apple, nothing!!! thanks a million.
ian Russell

I decided to look up what this might mean..
the page a came across was:

the suggestion in to use the google public DNS at:

I have been trying to fix this forever!!! My macbook just started doing this out of the blue one day and nothing I found on the internet seemed to work. Thanks so much for posting this! You just made my like so much easier...

Amazing. Thank you!!

It worked! Brilliant! Thanks!

Thank you! Genius!

Luckily I found you immediately I googled, followed your clear instructions, and as far as I can see everything's back to normal again.

Thank you!

Well I have a laptop, desktop and they had no problem working with my Netgear router thats 5 years old. The stupid iOS devices (phone, pad) refused to even load apple forum pages!!

I did all the gimmickry with router, ipad but nothing worked. Then I chanced your page and put this number in there, and VOILA! It works!

Thanks buddy....

Recently my iMac has been running terribly. Not sure what was causing it, could have been Firefox as when I closed that things improved or could have been Safari (in Activity Monitor Safari and Safari web Content was always taking a big slice of CPU) . Anyway I've add the two DNS settings above and wow what an improvement. Safari is still top of the pile in terms of CPU %, but a fraction of what it was. Everything is wonderful again!

thank you so much!

Much appreciated!
I've had my Mac for 3 years and it just started doing this a couple weeks ago on and off.
After doing this it immediately fixed the issue!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Thank you so much! it works!!

This has helped only a little bit. The pages wouldn't load at all before, but now they do, but SO freaking slow! :(

Thanks for sharing this helpful tip! If you have anymore, please pass them along!

Well, I was skeptical but it really did work! I was having problems getting pictures and thumbnails on Facebook but it's perfect now! Thx so much for sharing! :)

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