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January 17, 2009


I saw Slumdog Millionaire today. Boyle has really done a good job with this movie. While the movie deals with the gory details of the underbelly of Mumbai, it doesnt really leave you with a sick feeling. The story feels like a commentary and at the end you just feel good about the whole movie. Very well done I must say.

The music score by Rehman is amazing, the actors who played junior Jamal and Salim were the real stars. They were simply too good. Freida Pinto had just 15 mins of screen presence. I think she was overhyped.

We haven't seen it but have heard from those who have that it's a wonderful film.

As for the poverty, there are a lot of places (some in the US) that are experiencing not enough food, fear over keeping their homes, no money for clothing. City of God is another good film about slums with the main characters children in Brazil although it didn't make me feel good at the end as it made you think we better watch out as when people grow up with extreme poverty, it's very different for how they see life. Closer to home Mexico is going through a very violent time where it has poverty along with extreme risk to safety. Our government now doesn't recommend travel to Nogales and it's on our US border.

The thing with what is happening in the US today is that it's not a similar experience. Sometimes it blows me away with those I know who are on cruises right now and then those I know who worry about how they will cover basic living costs-- lattes are a long time in their past if they ever had the money for them. There are those with fixed pensions, who at least until the states run out of money, are not experiencing the same thing as those with just SS when they retire or who had a small investment income and saw that demolished. Some have a lot of money in IRAs and yes, lost 25% but it doesn't impact their food or shelter.

Our own country is becoming a divided country for what it's like to live here and whether that can be changed remains to be seen.

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