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January 15, 2009


I feel that Salem has tons of potential to be great, but it never happens and the decisions to encourage that are never made. I guess it was always meant to be the sleepy, slow, boring town it is. Sad really.

i grew up in salem and had only visited portland a couple times as a kid.it was always for a docter visit or a relative.when i turned 28 i moved out of salem because it is the most depressive place for a creative person.all but my treasured place like bush park and chemeketa college.i had a hard time connecting with people in salem and making friends.yet the few i had were die hard cool poeple, when i moved to portland my whole world expanded and i met so many who think like me.the buisnesses are smart and yes they have a trader joes.

I hear so many people begging for stuff like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and PF Changs... I keep wondering what must be wrong with their marketing studies? I visited a Trader Joe's in the Hollywood District of Portland awhile back. It was interesting, but I'm not sure why some people act like they can't live without it.

As for Salem... where you take them depends on their interests lie.

Deepwood Estate
Bush House
Mission Mill

Bush Barn
Hallie Ford Museum
Art Fair in July

Fancy Dining?
J. James
Morton's Bistro

Stuff 'em full breakfast?
Busick Court

AC Gilbert's Discovery Village
Salem Carousel

Culture? Look in a yogurt cup... oh, all right, check out what's happening at the Elsinore http://www.elsinoretheatre.com/
or Pentacle

Take a ride on the Willamette Queen http://www.willamettequeen.com

The twits that got the Court & Chemeketa St residential zones declared a Hysterical Historical District seem to think people will want to come look at their homes...

No, we don't have a zoo, we don't have OMSI - neither do most cities of 120,000 or so. We do have one of the most beautiful state capitol buildings in the the USA though. http://www.leg.state.or.us/html_tour/capitol.htm

But we've got vineyards http://www.willamettevalleyvineyards.com/
by the score, which the S-J seems to think is cultural for some reason.
The mountains are an hour east http://www.hoodoo.com
The beach is an hour west http://www.oregoncoast.org/

I agree that it's not much as a tourist destination, but if you can't find stuff to do around here - and stuff to show guests, you're suffering from a failure of imagination. So there isn't much of a nightlife... oh well.

And that's from someone who dislikes Salem enough to have moved from Keizer to Stayton just to avoid living there.

Thanks for fixing the formatting!

No real neighbourhood feeling in Salem, this is what's wrong with this town, well... one of the things... I live in South Central very close to downtown, I can walk to the parks, to the mall or to a very limited list of decent restaurants, but wouldn't it be nice to have a grocery store to walk to? With all the 'luxury' apartment complexes that are coming up close to downtown you would think that eventually there would be a need for one.

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