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January 13, 2009


Because of where I live, Coast Range of Oregon, I haven't had regular TV since the dish became available. What we got from an antennae were a couple of stations with static; but I have followed this issue and agree with Obama that it's good to delay the onset.

The Bush administration so typically has never gotten it that you can't just say something works and have it work; and the 20+% of Americans who still believe what he said, find with something like this that the truth is in the picture! At least it's one you cannot say look at what a good job we did and convince anybody.


Will my rabbit ears attenna, used on my 20" analog bedroom TV, work with the conversion box, I need to purchase? 10 years ago, the 20" analog TV was a gift, and still performs perfectly. The coupon will arrive 1-23-09, supposedly. I hate to purchase the box, then my 20" TV, burns out, a week later. Go Obama Go....get that digital conversion delayed........Go Obama Go......do this first, then work on the economy........hahaha.....

If you've lost your job, losing your TV is the best thing that can happen. Go to the library, go for a walk, get out and volunteer (best way to make contacts and build experience to get another job).

TV is nothing but a trance-generating machine that allows you to watch other people having a pretend life while the hours of your own disappear, never to return.

The best thing that could happen in America with this switchover is if people, especially poor people, just seized the opportunity to switch off TV from their lives.

Get rid of your TV and replace it with a life. Or keep your old set, plug a DVD player into it, and watch only things that you would go out of your way to select. You'll save thousands of dollars over your lifetime on cable/satellite either way and you'll do a much better job with your kids.

As the t-shirt with the TV set illustration says "Why do you think they call it programming?"

Roger, from what I've read it all depends on the signal strength. If you're very close to the digital TV transmission tower, then rabbit ears might work. Otherwise, some other sort of antenna is going to be needed.

The alternative to a converter box, of course, is to get a new digital ready TV. For a few hundred dollars such can be purchased. People have to decide whether it makes sense to get a box when an old analog TV may not last much longer.

John Gear, I agree with most of what you say.
I do however like to catch the news, 60 minutes, OPB, and music or history specials when they are aired.
All of the ads that you see about the DTV transition paint such a pretty picture, "All you need is a converter box, hook it up correctly and you're in business!"
Sorry, no where near reality.
We purchaced a "rural" VHF / UHF TV antenna that has a footprint the size of a car. We get analog CHRYSTAL CLEAR. Digital? ZIP!!!!
Nothing, Nada.
We have played around with the setup and the best signal strength so far is 14%.
We will never, ever pay for TV so it looks like we'll be joining John Gear fairly soon if our new president (I'll comment on him in another topic) doesnt insist on delaying the transition.

Your viewership is about to take a significant drop. Your advertizing dollar is better spent elsewhere than TV in my opinion, if there is not a remedy to the DTV transition fiasco!!!

I disagree on TV being a time waster. I think it depends on what you watch. There are many choices if you pay for it and I decide what I want to take into my mind. Sometimes it's a movie. Sometimes it's Daily Show. Sometimes it's history or discovery channels. There are music programs and yes, there's news but those of you who believe you do not need to be educated as to what is going on in the world are part of the problem. Newspapers, computers and TV all give information and when they are putting out propaganda, you didn't think you needed to know as it won't impact you? How did you come to that conclusion?

I don't watch any regular programming on TV; so miss out on some of our cultural influences but I can't stand watching most TV shows. I am still convinced believing in 24/7 (or whatever it's called) is part of how Cheney became convinced torture was a good idea.

This week-end I saw a program on history channel that explored the predictions of Nostradamus, Masons, Bible, Mayans and looked at possible natural disasters that might fit with them if 2012 is going to be as 'interesting' as some expect. Do I believe it'll be the end of the world? No, but it didn't hurt me to see what is being predicted about it. If I start seeing signs that mean I'm wrong, I'll at least be alert to it. Yesterday I had Cable TV on just long enough to watch some news on cable which were mostly interviews and debates. I can get a lot of that on the computer but who's to say it's less biased.

To add to it, we joined Netflix-- another thing we pay for-- and get one movie at a time but unlimited each month. They come in really fast and it's how fast we get them back as to how economical they are. There are a lot of documentaries in their selections and so far it's working out a lot better for us than trying to find something on cable movies even with so many channels from which to select.


I'm assuming, you purchased the convertion box, and your huge antenna(predigital) is not receiving (14%) much digital? So, Ones antenna needs to have some sort of "digital" capability?

My silly example or situation,

My 20" analog TV, that I received free
some 10 years ago, still works perfectly. It currently has a value of $0.50. The net cost of convertion box is roughly $20.00, plus the possible cost of a digital(?) antenna $15 -20. Probably, will spent $50 to get this TV, setup for 2-17-09.
At WalMart, the current digital RCA 20" TV is on sale for $124.00 with a DVD player.

This is a huge problem, for me. Much bad karma, has come my way. Times like this, I wish I had been reincarnated as a Frog or something.

Poor me, what am I to do.........maybe I should perform some volunteer work.....at meals on wheels.

Obama's advisor on the digital TV thing has a conflict of interest - he works with Sprint, which is rolling out it's it's 4G broadband service on some spectrum they picked up somewhere... and their competitor Verizon has to wait for the switch because their 4G service will apparently move into the current Analog TV spectrum.

Delay the switch, Sprint profits at Verizon's loss.

And who the heck said that TV reception was a constitutional right anyway? Get a dish.

Jeff said:
>>>And who the heck said that TV reception was a constitutional right anyway? Get a dish.<<<

No dishes, no cable, no bills.
How much money you have and earn is only one side of the equation.
If I wanted to make payments, which I do not, I sure would not piss my money away on TV.
Bingo and casino attendance isn't a constitutional right either. I don't waste money there either.
TV has been free since day one.
If I have to pay for it, I will opt for two things that I GREATLY PREFER; reading and radio.

ATTENTION TV ADVERTIZERS: Thank you for sponsoring 50 years of TV for me. Unfortunatly, if you want to reach me after the DTV change it will be through radio!

TV has been free _if you were in range of the signal_.

Unfortunately, that has just changed for you.

I have had a sat for about 10 years now. But for those people who cannot affard a bill every mouth this is a problem. I live in a rural area tv is very weak for those who live around me with a antenna. I hope they will be able to continue to watch tv. I think they need to be a crick down on the sat enterre. Its not right that I am paying 60 dollars a mouth for service. But the thing that makes me mad over 20 percent of want I watch is advertising. So they are making money off me and the advertiser. Thats not fair what I would like is for the obama team to crack down on the sat people and make rates go to almost nothing that want we really need. If anyone agrees with me feel free to email me [email protected]
I would like to hear your opionon on this

Curt Dawg,

Please attempt to launch and maintain your own telecom satellite.

Tell me how far that gets you.

Digital update,

Didn't get my $40.00 coupon on Jan. 23th, as directed from recording, off my telephone request. Congress will need to authorize more funds, or delay the digital transfer for 3 months. At Walmart, the conversion box is selling for $49.95. So, roughly $10 plus to get. In addition, my powered rabbit ears will work on digital.

The GODS are shining their grace upon me.
I am special, in a Godly sort of way....

Interesting discussion about DTV. I just returned from attempt #3 at putting yet another outdoor antenna on my mother's place near Silver Falls State Park. She gets "ok" analog but nothing other than KOAC-DT on the digital box. It may be time for a switch to satellite, but I hate seeing one more "Free" service disappearing for those not in the mainstream of city life.

If you live in the city you have no problem. all use folks out in the boonies are going to be left with NOTHING.

DTV is a scam.

Spread the word:



On April 17, 2009, my $40 government coupon shall expire. Therefore, on April 16th, I shall proceed to either WalMart of BestBuy to finalize my purchase.

This 16th day shall be a day of true AWAKENING, one of ENLIGHTENMENT, or possibly just another day.

I officially begin MY countdown.

Yours truly,

I live in rural Southern Ohio where I got OK reception of analog, but with digital it is very poor, if I can get anything at all. I have tried for a year to make improvements to my DTV signal, but have had no luck. I have the largest Radio Shack outdoor antenna on my roof, as well as a 36 dB amp/pre-amp. Early in 2008, I was upset because I tried to get in digital signals not knowing that MANY stations were not running on full power. This was never stated, nor do I still know whether they are using full power yet. This makes consumers think they might not have reception, and go and spend lots of time and money on equipment they might not need. No information has been delivered in any way to those living in areas where DTV is nearly impossible to get. I have a degree in EE, but am still confounded on what to buy to make my reception better. I am about to call the FCC in-home service contractors to help me out. I will wait and see what happens when the changeover is complete, and all stations are up and running on full power. I agree DTV is a sham, and the $40 coupon did absolutely nothing for me, it was just a drop in the bucket on how much I will have to spend for an even better antenna, antenna tower, and amp.
Good luck to those other people out there in the same boat!

Since the changeover from analog to digital, we can no longer receive most digital tv stations in the Pine City, Minnesota, area. We intalled digital tv converters several months ago (without analog pass-through) and we received the already on the air digital tv signals very good. But now we can't receive them. Could the tv stations now be broadcasting weaker digital tv signals? If so, that must be the best kept secrete of the year! Did the public and the government get fooled again?

I am kinda disappointed in my convertion box experience. I have to daily tweek my antenna conversion box connection to get a particular channel. Never had to do this under analog

This digital changeover absolutely sucks sh*t! I used to get a bunch of analog TV stations but now those same channels and yes I have a converter box and a great big antenna hoisted high and still can't get nothing but Max Headroom type sound and no signal or it goes off and on and is pixelated! I even have a pre-amp on the antenna and still the signal is way messed up! I used to get a little snow now and again when the wind blew, but now it goes blank with a little breeze no matter what direction the antenna is pointed! The government forcing this changeover screwed a bunch of us big time! I cannot afford to pay for satellite and we don't get cable out here! This changeover has made my TV worthless for any kind of off-air broadcasts! The frigging government wanted this change so they should erect some more towers to reach those of us who are to far from existing transmitters! They could put up a few more which could rebroadcast the signals close enough so the majority of us could once again get some reception from the weaker digital signals! From what I have heard I am not alone at all, there are a fair few who are having the same problems I am now! Guess I will watch DVDs or listen to radio unless I win the lottery or something which would allow me to purchase satellite? What a frigging mess! Thanks FCC and Gov!

I noticed some comments saying great no TV go out and get a life? That's asinine and ignorant because there are those who are confined by there health or who live in rural areas where there is no mall or going out anywhere and for these TV provides a view of the world which many of these people would otherwise never know about? I can just imagine if there was no TV the clans of people who would never have seen a black person or any number of things which we learn about courtesy of the Tube! This includes health knowledge as well as technology! We would be much more ignorant and backward as a society without TV in my view! But hey if your an anti-TV person then great! Go for it, but don't think to force that upon others who disagree! Besides, I like watching my football team win or lose!

it's a nice idea

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