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January 25, 2009


Second opinion from Salem:
Resign immediatly. Seperate your self completely from your social circles.
Then seek counciling.
Shed the self loathing and negitive self worth; you are a worthy valuable citizen.
Straighten up and live the life that you always imagined.
You are only 46 years old. But this is not a dress-rehersel; you do not get another chance once you have screwed this one up.
Give reality a chance!

So he lied about his relationship with Breedlove, knowing that judgmental, prudish voters would punish him at the ballot box.

And they will, come recall time. Along with many, many others who don't want liars and predators making decisions for them.

I don't really understand the issue here as not having read much about it; but if it's an 18 year old, it is not a crime. So it's about sex with the same gender that means he should resign? Why? I should research this more before commenting (although not living in Portland it'd be irrelevant what I thought on this specific issue) but even if the guy is married, that's between him and his wife what he does.

It's time we stopped having this nutty attitude toward homosexuality. I think adults who have sex with teens are weak in terms of their own sexuality and that means homosexual or straight, but if it's not illegal, he has nothing to resign over. A lot of old men desire teen-age girls and that's okay? I am sick and tired of people who think homosexuality is something that a good psychiatrist can cure. Give me a break! We need to see it as normal and maybe those who are homosexual would have more mature attitudes toward their sexual relationships when they didn't have to hide them.

If there was a more mature relationship in this country toward sex, Spitzer would have appointed the new US Senator and you can bet it'd not have been a blue dog democrat! Instead the country has a nasty, right winger who will probably work against Obama's agenda which pleases a lot of righties but not likely most of New York's voters who didn't vote for Paterson either. Yes, I know Spitzer committed a crime and was a hypocrite with prosecuting what he was doing which is why prostitution should be legalized and licensed. Our attitude toward sex in this country is very damaging and your quote from Watts is spot on.

Jack, you may be right -- that Adams eventually will be recalled. But it seems better to let voters have the say, or re-say, since he was easily elected originally.

This is an important decision, who will lead Portland. Right now emotions are high. In six months, or however long it takes to get a recall election up and rolling, there will be a clearer perspective on Adams' actions.

If what he did still seems egregious to voters, they'll kick him out of office. However, if his policy performance as mayor outweighs his character flaws (which we all have), then they'll keep him. Seems like a fine way to handle things.

Came across this Bill Clinton sex scandal-inspired bit of philosophizing, which makes a lot of sense. See:

"What has happened in the United States is strange. On the one hand, tolerance with regard to variation in sexual life has increased enormously since the 1960s. We have seen a true sexual revolution, and, of course, the publication of explicitly sexual materials in all media is part of it. On the other hand, the loosening of inhibitions has led to the collapse of protections of privacy for any figure in whose sexual life the public might take a prurient interest. What looked initially like a growth of freedom has culminated in the reinstitution of the public pillory.

The public space of politics is designed for the pursuit and resolution of important public issues. It cannot handle the added infusion of irrelevant and incendiary private matter that results when politicians are denied the right to present a merely public face. The growth of tolerance does not make the collapse of privacy significantly less damaging.

First, there are still politically important elements of American society that abhor the new sexual mores. Second, and more important, the exposure of a public figure's private life is damaging, even if most people rationally judge it to be irrelevant to his qualifications for office. It tends to blot out everything else in the dirty mind of the public. And it also constitutes a gross invasion of the individual's personal life, requiring him to respond, both internally and publicly, to the world's inappropriate but relentless attention to it."
What's strange in the Adams case is how many fervent progressives, who hated it when Republicans dragged Clinton down, don't realize that they're doing the same thing to Sam Adams.

Methinks some unconscious homophobia could be at work here.

Thank you for this intelligent, reasonable voice. I like how you take apart the "it's about the lies" rationale. I think there are a few people for whom it really is about the lies - the secular utopia types - but even so many of them think it's "icky" for a 42-year-old to sleep with an 18-year-old.

The whole thing has gotten ridiculous, and while things are calming down, I'm not sure if we're "over it" yet here in Portland.

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