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December 16, 2008


Yes, I fully think you might have done that rather like washing a car or windows can bring on rain. On the other hand, may I blame you if we get freezing rain this afternoon and the change you brought ends up with my power being lost??? I am trying to take the whole thing cheerfully whatever happens, and it has led to a lot of lovely snow photos to put on my blog. Gotta find compensations where we can especially when personal Christmas shopping has not even begun. May we reschedule it due to weather?

Rain, you can blame me if you get freezing rain. I'm married, so I'm used to being blamed for doing the wrong things (like not wiping up water from bathroom countertops -- another H2O failing).

I don't like having my routines un-routinized. So I looked around for the cheeriest Oregon forecast. Finally found a half-decent one on Weather.com:

It shows our zip code warming above freezing in just a mere week. Your area would probably warm sooner. So maybe this isn't the coming of an ice age after all, though it sure feels like it at the moment.

Between the years of 1985 and 1990, I rode a Honda XL-350 to work, every single day, without execption; rain, snow, ice in any combination.
The XL-350 was a dual purpose, single cylinder, on /off road bike.
It was fitted with trials tires.
I have long since given up trying to convince folks how wonderfully this set-up did in snow and ice.
Of course, being piloted by an expert class Motorcyclist may have something to do with it. :-Q
Every day in weather like this, there were always wokers waiting at the door to see if I would wimp out. Never once in 5 years.
I only wiped out one time. And that was because I attempted to pass a friend on the outside at 12th st and Commercial, heading south.
I went into full-lock power slide and wiped out. Picked it up, jabbed the starter, and was rolling in seconds.
As an aside:
One day I arrived to work in about 4" of snow. As I walked into the production office with helmet in hand, the Asst Production Manager looked at me and paused his telephone conversation... He blinked a couple of times... Then he said into the phone, "On second thought, Harry just rode 9 miles to work on his bike; I think you can make it here in your car". Then hung up.
One thing is for sure: the weather has long since learned not to change around my motorcycle activities.

That was supposed to be the cheeriest??? Here is where I go for my weather news for my local area-- and it's definitely not cheery-- http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?CityName=Kings+Valley&state=OR&site=PQR&textField1=44.7069&textField2=-123.433&e=0

What I'd worry about the most, Harry, in using a motorcycle when it's like this-- is everybody else. That's the greatest risk because people who have grown up with snow and ice know how to drive on it. A lot up here either never knew or forgot and it's who slides into you that is the biggest worry-- other than the year my husband had all wheel drive, snow tires, chains, and thought he could drive through anything. He found he couldn't in over a foot and a half of blown powder snow on our way to town. It let him get just far enough in to make it impossible to back out and to require a local tractor to eventually pull the vehicle out. It was one of those rare, extremely cold, nearly spring snowfalls.

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