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December 14, 2008


Holy crap! You bark eaters never give up. "Organic walnuts" and an emergency trip to the Nature Foods store. If you're that obsessed with the nature of your foods, why don't you have a food storage plan? I guess atheism and food storage are in direct competition theoretically, right?

I recently bought a motorhome for $500, which is supplemental to my food storage and emergency/survival kit. The only thing I need to beef up on (00ps -- hope the reference to MEAT doesn't offend your senses) is water. Go figure.

I'm giving you a hard time, because your blog makes it sound as though the Willamette valley folks are all bark eaters. I happen to know differently, as all my relatives attended Willamette University. The smart ones moved away. Did no one mention to you that the recession hit Oregon a LONG time ago? Oh, yeah. That's because the bark eaters infested the logging industry and shut it down. Hmmm. Just think about how the lumber might be keeping your house warm as you read this in your freezing temperatures. Or consider how you could use a fire to cook some of the non-soy products in your non-food supply. Oh, that's right. You eat everything raw, so no need to cook.

Well, hope these outsider insights provide a bit of comfort as you freeze your skinny organic asses off. If it gets too cold, jump in your foreign-built SUV (which uses a lot of gasoline!) and let the engine run to keep you warm. Don't worry about the CO2 emissions. The storm will blow them over to Idaho, so no one will know it was yours.

Merry Christmas, nature lovers! Here's yanking your chain saw!

"It makes me feel better to know that people in Minnesota and New Hampshire realize what we're going through here in usually temperate Oregon."

You don't get out of the valley much, do you. ;-) Eastern Oregon gets LOTS of snow. Less now than twenty years ago, but still. I grew up in K. Falls and back then, they didn't close stuff for a foot of snow. There would have been a heckuvalot of closures, otherwise.

That was funny. Yes, we do whine a lot here when we get snow because we had a bargain we made with god to have it all melt by noon which this year obviously was broken due to our voting for Obama. Oh woe. Where will the punishment end?

Marlli, jeez, you've got to better manage your anger toward vegetarians. Oh, "bark eaters" -- forgot the right term.

We're just people. Who happen to not eat meat. I'm sure there are vegetarian loggers, vegetarian hunters, vegetarian dirt bike racers, vegetarians of all political and philosophical persuasions.

Most environmentalists aren't vegetarians. Most real estate developers aren't vegetarians. Most anybody isn't a vegetarian, because we're a small percentage of the population.

Our hybrid cars are super low on emissions, so I won't feel guilty about starting them up. I've read that the exhaust leaving the cars actually is cleaner than the air that went into the engine. I've got to get out and drive more.

(Except not today; the roads are nastily icy.)

Don't you get tired of flip-floppers?
Well sorry, but I flip-flop every year on the issue of evil, evil, logging.
The Ultra, Ultra, Ultra, Ultra, leftwing wackos promote the idea that trees burning in the woods rather than turned into timber and jobs is "natural" and preferred.
They hold this view because they don't know what they are talking about.
However, every year about this time, I also feel that timber should be allowed to burn.
But hold up!
Along with assisting nature in the natural dispensation of wood, there is an additional Ultra, Ultra, Ultra, Ultra, leftwing goal acheived:
When the wood is burned in our high-tech, kick-ass woodstove, emissions are greatly reduced cutting back on the 100% man made and 100% man curable global warming.
Yep! And its a sustainable, renewable, and efficient energy source.
Lefties will want to shut it right down if I keep talking like that.
Oh well. June isn't that far off. I will just flip-flop back into the logging mode and build the wood pile back up!

What Marlli said reminded me of when I was a vegetarian they used to say I was a "grass eater", or all I ate was "rabbit food".

This was odd because what was on my plate was about 75% the same as what was on their plates. I guess they were semi-grass and rabbit food eaters which was somehow superior.

Then I would call them murderous, sadistic corpse chompers and blood suckers akin to hyenas and vampires.

Man, those family Christmas get-togethers were fun.

LOL - great post. I love how the slightest twitch in the weather brings out the panic in the newscasters. Sunday afternoon/evening was fairly nasty from a Salem standpoint however. Stayton got nothing in the afternoon - and nothing but rain since.

At least Bob won on Surivior.

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