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December 20, 2008


I wish I had awakened to no snow but out here in the hills, southwest of you, it still a mess. My hope now is when it does go that it doesn't lead to a lot of flooding.

The one unusual thing about this snowfall was how it was ahead of it-- warmer than usual. Out here, we had not gotten any hard freezes and although I wouldn't have called it a balmy fall, the snow was a fast change to the opposite of the kind of year it had appeared; so maybe your article has something. I remember lots of really cold icy winters but not many that came on so abruptly in December.

Fortunately the US will have an administration-- finally-- who will be seriously looking at the problem of global climate change. Unfortunately any money available to do anything has been taken by wars and bank handouts (doesn't appear they bailed anybody out other than those who had their hands out and walked off with it).

It might be nothing could be done about the level of climate shifts we might soon see; but there could be preparation at least for people during events like flooding. None of that has been looked at either. Whatever is coming, the government has been asleep at the switch-- like everything else with the Bush administration. Will it be different under Obama? Time is going to tell.

Sorry; not drinkin' the coolaid.
And Al Gore will not be getting any of my money, or anyone else cashing in on this new industry.
But everyone is free to blindly "believe" and "follow" any superstition that pops up.
How did Jim & Tammy Baker land all of that money? How about the Hail-Bop knuckleheads? How about Jim Jones?
They harnessed the overwhelming majority of our society who are setting on the edge of their chair just waiting to be led.
Not me.
I continue to listen to all of the data and draw my own conclusion, not blindly follow the masses.
Congradulations Mr. Gore, but checks' NOT in the mail.

Harry, you don't have to believe in Al Gore's book, to buy into the idea of climate change. A refresher course in geology and a look at world history might tell you that change happens. The issue is what should we do about it and how prepared are we? I am darned glad we had a generator and could borrow another one for our elderly neighbors in the house up the hill for us. Be prepared and forget being mad at somebody for what is coming potentially. Obama has appointed scientists to look at this and suppose the sea levels really raise or suppose we are about to have another ice age across part of Europe or America? Being prepared is going to save lives or else see a huge number of people killed and start over which has happened before and well might again-- preparation or not

You are correct on all points, Rain.
The only issue that I have was reflected in your first sentence:

>>Harry, you don't have to believe in Al Gore's book, to buy into the idea of climate change.<<

No, I am not going to "BUY" (cha-ching!!) into the massive and quickly growing global warming industry.

If you believe that Al Gore and the rest of the hucksters really are interested in climate change, then I suppose you also believe that George Bush went to war in Iraq to bring democracy and freedom there.

MONEY!!! Both projects are STRICTLY money makers. And not for you and me THATS for sure.

You do not have to turn your bank account over to Oral Roberts to live a godly life and you do not need to enrichen a bunch of slimey, greedy polititions to reduce pollution.

Of course climate change is real. And it was real over and over and over again before man learned to walk on 2 feet.

Well i found fault with Gore's book also because he kept referring to it as global warming which doesn't explain the problem. I also am not going to buy into carbon credits but what I am saying is we might be into something none of us have seen and being prepared is what we need. Bush was clueless about Iraq and this. Scientists aren't in agreement, but Brian's original proposition was to look at it and see if we are seeing something that will end up a big problem. One winter doesn't tell you that but we are seeing climate change in rainfall for instance which might cycle back to normal or might not. My point was people who don't like Gore might cut off their nose to spite their face if they don't look at whether man could be doing something to be an increasing problem to us in other ways. That's what I want is someone to be looking at it without bias for what answer they want to find.

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