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December 02, 2008


O.K. Brian, let me lay out the rules.
See, if you had actually taken delivery of your new motorcycle, it would be raining inches DAILY until June 20th.
When ever we have a really, really wet spring all of the locals say, "Someone must have got a new bike".
But you didn't take delivery; now did you?
So because of you, we are behind on our annual precipitation. :-(
HEY! Its alright with me! The bees look really good, they can fly out and take cleansing flights, (take a dump) and it looks well for spring.
Damn!! What a positive fall & winter so far!!
Now, I'm getting ready to focus on pruning apple trees.

OOPS!!! Am I off topic?!!

Now what were we talking about in this wonderful life,,,,er..what?? Sarah Palin?

:-/ OK....continue discussing..I guess....


Very interesting and Sarah Palin is not old news because she is thrusting herself forward every chance she gets. The recent senate victor in Georgia, whatshisname, has said it was her base that won him the race. I personally doubt that but it's the spin that is out there. If plain was unable to have a pregnancy and there is proof of that, if Bristol is not so far along as they claim, something photos would tend to validate, then Palin is a proven liar who nearly became President of the United States and yet might. I wish she was past history but turn on the news anywhere and you know she's not; so this is a story that should have legs. By the way, Andrew Sullivan shares the belief that she has lied and has continued going after the truth of her medical records-- which have yet to be supplied. If they did try to foist of her daughter's baby as hers, they wouldn't be the first family to do so; and with the loyalty up there to her in that religious group, it wouldn't be hard to believe there are those who would help her. That picture on the linked blog does seem to validate the point it is making

What the F**k is wrong with you people? Do you hate that much that your have to make this sh#t up. Obama won the election and he needs all the help and support we can give him to fix the mess we are in. Stop living in the past. It's over!!! Grow up and move on. This is 2008 not 1908 no body is going to get away with faking a pregnancy. Sarah Palin has been under the public microscope for a few years now there is no way she could get away with some thing like that. Your guy won fair and square now get F##king over it.

Well, we'll find out in a week or so ... isn't Bristol's due date coming up?

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