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November 30, 2008


OK. The climate is changing. We've got to stop it. Shut down all the factories. Turn off all the cars. Shut down the power plants and turn off the lights. Stop buying stuff so that they stop making stuff. Stop drilling, building, smelting, excavating and incinerating. Civilization must stop. Not tomorrow, right now. Still, it's too late. The wheels have been set in motion. The coasts will be innundated. Crops will fail. Storms will become more intense. Disease will spread. Species will die off. Millions, perhaps billions will die. So what? Shit happens. Every one of us will be dead one day anyway, reabsorbed like compost. We think we're so important, but nature doesn't care one whit. It will adjust. Life in one form or another will go on and stars will still shine until it all fades into the amorphous void from whence it came only to be reborn again and again and again swiriling throughout infinity.

Global warming is due to human co2 emissions.
That is overly simplistic.
It reminds me of people who do not mind equating civil unions with marriage. That is overly simplistic, also.
When my Liberal leaning nephew said he was getting married it gave me the opportunity to ask him; Is that going to be a gay marriage or a straight marriage? Words do matter and why give up several thousand years of usage?
Back to global warming:
There is a 100,000 year spike in Earth temperature. It so happens that the industrial revolution came just after the peak of temperature spike. Leading one to wonder if the co2 spike occurred during the flat part of the 100k year cycle whether it would have even been noticed?

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