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November 06, 2008


That is encouraging and amazing on Beck. Like you, he's been one I couldn't stand but that was strong what he said. They don't yet know what Obama will even do but they have been so impacted by those sicko emails that circulate with no truth required in them and then the sly innuendos that Palin especially put out. I think McCain will also stand behind the president, represent opposing ideas which is what they should be doing but the destructive talk of some from the far right will only undermine even themselves. Pelosi btw said that we have to govern from the middle. Several in Congress on the left said we can't do this without being united; so that's encouraging and we shall see how it works out. Obama's acceptance speech, of recognizing our diverse ideas, was a good start. Time will tell but in the meantime take the good where we find it and that is great on Beck :)

Obama's covert hypnosis tricks?
PDF download:


Pardon my french, condor, but that was nuts. Don't believe everything you read online. I don't doubt there can be some crowd hysteria at any big events with powerful speakers (think Palin also) but most people saw those speeches on TV where there is no control over how it's shown.

Me personally, I never saw his speeches period. Like the recent press conference, I favor reading transcripts and it's how I have seen all but his last one accepting the nomination.

Any good speaker or movie or music etc may have some qualities of hypnotism but hypnotism is much misunderstood and it's not easy to even hypnotize everyone with the hypnotist centering on them. The hype of the crowd does lead to people saying and doing things they'd never do normally but we likely saw more of that in the McCain/Palin rallies than the Obama ones. He didn't try to drum up a mob mentality but rather to get people centered on we can do it. It's debatable if it lasted longer than getting in the car and driving home, but it's at least a positive thing unlike the kill him type of things you heard from what Palin was trying to motivate.

Right... Let's all jump on that 'let's get behind our new president' touchy, feely, happy, hopeful feeling.

First let me tear off all the 'He's not MY president' bumper stickers off all the prius' and smart cars in my neighborhood.

Glenn Beck is a stand up guy. I am a non religious right winger with a few liberal leanings. I personally think Obama will be the best president since I rooted for Roanald Reagan when I was a wee little boy. He is not the socialist the right thinks, like Reagan he is a common sense kind of guy. Watching the 60 Minute interview really made me root for the guy. I just have good vibes, let us unite and make this country better.

It wasn't too long ago that Barack Obama and his advisers were tripping over one another to tear down Hillary Rodham Clinton's foreign policy credentials. She was dismissed as a commander in chief wanna-be who did little more than sip tea and make small talk with foreign leaders during her days as first lady.

"What exactly is this foreign policy experience?" Obama said mockingly of the New York senator. "Was she negotiating treaties? Was she handling crises? The answer is no."

Now, who is Obama's front runner for Secretary of State?

Hilary Rodham Clinton.

How sick is the political scene?

How phoney.

How disingenuous.

No wonder most elected officials are dishonest and/or incompetent and/or sold out.

No wonder the economy is in collapse.

Condor, you must be THE LAST person in America to get the brunt of the joke!????
Pull your head out, and wake up to the stunning reality that is in place!
For all of the speaches of "Change", "Hope", etc....
For all of the mindless masses, with outstreached arms, tears running down their cheeks chanting, "Obama, Obama, Obama"!!!!

Condor; are you the last person in the world to realize how they were suckered?

If I'm reading things right, Abummer did and said WHATEVER he had to in order to gain power.

If the fad of the moment was to go to mars,he would have pledged to starve the entire planet of earth to get to mars if that would have got him elected.

And you just know that all of thos guilty, guilty, white wimps would have voted for that.

Abummer is a self-promoter.
ALL of his associations were mearly stepping stones to reach power. They have since been sumeraly disposed of.

Now that his mindless minions have "won" they will go back to their pointless lives and pay no more attention to anything further. The fun is over.

Be grateful that the hoards of extreme follower types didn't install someone actually more dangerous than Abummer.

After all of the Rev. Wrights, Al Sharktoungs, etc.... I'm glad to see the Clintons back in power.

There's a sucker born every minute.....

Hillary could be president right now. She got a lot of votes and some polls said would have gotten more than Obama against McCain. You people who never wanted Obama are quick to find fault now. I was happy when I heard he had chosen her. The world is so complex that it takes more than one at the top who knows how to get things done.

Do you still believe in Santa Claus? Tinker Bell? A campaign is a campaign. Have you listened to Lieberman and McCain talk about Obama now? Your side just lost an election and now want to think that we who chose Obama will be disappointed. Most of us think it's great. She was a terrific choice and if she doesn't do well, it's a position he can change. She can allow him to concentrate on domestic when he needs to do so with someone who could easily have also been president alongside for foreign.

Obama said it in one of his press conferences-- he's the change-- and he is bringing into the mix those who can follow through on his ideas. You are listening to those who never wanted him and I've read some of them too who are convinced the Democratic party is unhappy with what is happening. He is not as far left as the right thought and we said that all along if anybody listened.

Oh and as one of Obama's big donors (found that out the other day how little it took to be a big shot donor), my family is pleased with all he's done so far and Hillary (who we didn't want for president or VP) is at the top of our pleased list.

We put up with 8 years of you guys getting what you wanted. Now it's time to see if what we want makes a difference. We also (despite what right wing pundits say) don't expect it to happen the week he gets elected. The guy you people voted in and kept there has put us in quite a hole. It'll take some time. Obama's cabinet is a good start (I reserve judgment on the economic end of it).

Harry VDP... Huh? Did you think I was one of the mesmerized Obama goons suddenly stunned into sobriety by his recent actions? I couldn't agree with you more, and always have regarding Ohhhh bama!!!!

On the Secretary of State position, I might add that Condoleeza Rice had even less experience, has proven that even her degree in Russian hasn't prepared her for any of this and didn't do well as security adviser. I also resent how you people put down Obama before he's done anything. The names are disrespectful and your evident hope that he will fail is self defeating unless you want this country deeper in the hole it's in. If he earns negative names by what he does, then it's up to you whether you do that but you have done it before he's done anything. Half of what you say in here makes me think you and Harry are actually clueless about who Obama is or what this country needs. He has no connection to Sharpton and Sharpton did not just win this election. For you it appears to be all about your taxes. A depression which might impact you a lot more than a tax increase on high earners (which may not happen now anyway). You probably voted for Bush and you are why we had eight years leading to where we are. A terrorist bunch still capable of attacking us, a debt that limits what we can do about it and all you can do is blame Obama. Blame yourselves. You elected what we just had and would've followed it up with someone just as disastrous if not more so in McCain and Palin.


I'm not sure where in your somewhat incoherent ramble above you are speaking to me or Harry.

My comment in this thread which I believe started this discussion was simply my reaction to what Obama said condescendingly about Hillary during the campaign. Again, I quote Obama:

"What exactly is this foreign policy experience? Was she negotiating treaties? Was she handling crises? The answer is no."

Now she appears to be Obama's appointee for Secretary of State. I guess she got foreign policy experience real quick since he made that statement.

TOOOO much coffee there Rain!
Now, put that coffee cup down and SOWLY back away from the decanter.
There; wasn't that easy?

It's 5:32 PM; time for a glass of wine.
(I have a can of Coors; same difference)

Now that we're calm,....

If YOUR candidate for president had just been honest and said, "Bill Clinton has already served 2 terms and cannot run again. I, however am running in his place FOR HIM. Vote for me, and we'll go back to the good 'ol days of the Clinton machine." I would have had much to consider.
I voted for Clinton both times and would again if I could. (Sorry Condor ;-( )
There was absolutly NO WAY I was going to vote for anyone who made such reduculous and irresponsible cmpaign promises as oBAM!-a.
Fortunatly, when he promised "Change", he has already kept that promise by "changing" all of his policies from what the masses of Kool-aid Drinkers (Sorry Brian :-X ) voted for to the Clinton view.
Yep, thats change.
Change that you can believe in!!!!


My candidate didn't say that because I don't think he believes it, Harry, nor do I. And if you think that was a rant, you have never read my blog. Obama said that he would have a hard time appointing anyone into key positions who hadn't had experience in the Clinton years. You want some who had it in the Bush years? That's been sooooo successful.

As to how he will do, why don't you wait and see. I think Hillary was an excellent choice for Secretary of State. In campaigns, people say what they need to say. McCain is saying better things about Obama also as is Lieberman (yes I said that above but since you repeated the statement, Condor, I am not sure you read it).

I have more doubts about the economic team, but we shall see. It's a bad time economically and nobody will fix it instantly. Increasing the deficit doesn't make me happy but rebates don't do much for the economy and infrastructure badly needs rebuilding. My biggest fear is that the group who got the money to rebuild New Orleans and do the work in Iraq will get this and they have failed all the way down the line. I hope the jobs go to a different crew totally.

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