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October 03, 2008


I enjoyed the post and think more people should read it. I social newsed it on:

http://www.palinspin.com - the scandals, incompetence, palinisms, lies and deceptions of Sarah Palin!
http://www.obamamate.com - social news for the Barack Obama nation

I hope it make it to the front page.

I have decided the people who support Sarah Palin, and that includes those like Peggy Noonan, are emptied of brain power. It is all about an emotional high. Likely Palin had an affair but they'd care if it was Obama, but not about her.

If those people cared at all about facts, about her quality of being able to govern, her actual record in Alaska, her shallow depth of understanding, they would DEMAND she do a news conference with somebody other than a right wing toadie like fox provides. They don't need facts though or her speaking deeply on anything. They like it when she shoots off her mouth and is just like is one of them (they think anyway). Heaven help us! It won't help us because logic is the work of the devil-- ie liberals.

The stuff that is about to come out this month from the McCain camp will be tabloid quality but unfortunately not about babies or affairs. This will be to give fodder for those scared to death a black man might become president.

It's no longer enough to accuse Obama of being a socialist or the most liberal person ever in the world. Thanks to Bush and McCain socizlism in business is already here (yeah Obama voted for it too but he's evil; so he doesn't count). The side of the light, the golden era of Reagan (don't get me started on that man) has gone over to the dark side (turning everything over to our corporate masters) and you can hear it in McCain and Palin when they talk(well not her as she barely understands anything she says).

Speaking of talk, there is a video on YouTube of how Palin used to talk when she only wanted Alaskans to vote for us but now that she needs the rubes and dupes down here, we have the betchas and yer durned right. I have the link to that video on my site.

But it won't matter. The ones who would vote for Palin, who relish the idea of her getting elected, think this is a gotcha to the ones like us who wanted reasonable responsible government. *wink* *wink* You betcha!

(kudos to our own representatives (Ron Wyden, Earl Blumenhauer, and Pete DeFazio) who voted against this pork laden and likely only the beginning of what wall street will say they need. With our nation in the debt it is, this will swallow us and the way has been set.)


This pork-laiden 700 billion dollar bailout piece of legislation. This would have been a great opportunity for Obama and McCain to show their talents at fighting off such incredible waste of money. However, they didn't. Nothing is going to CHANGE, next year. Oh well, nevermind me. Where is your weblog?


Roger, here's a link to Rain's blog:

Well worth looking at -- regularly.

Though I don't beleive that Trig is Bristol's son, it certainly would not be impossible, timing-wise. Haven't you ever heard of Irish twins?

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