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October 28, 2008


If they go to Alaska, they can reap the benefits of the socialism she practices up there-- spreading the wealth from the rest of the country through the price we pay for fuel to every Alaskan home in terms of a reverse income tax because as she has said, the state meaning the people own the oil. Socialism is so bad unless you are the ones getting in on the dole?

"...because the United States has been strong and resilient enough to make it through the mal-administraton of one of the worst presidents ever."

I'm not sure this is correct. Not certain, that is, that we've made it through. Perhaps Bush and his gang will have the last laugh. You should probably be reading this guy (Ilargi) once in awhile. http://theautomaticearth.blogspot.com

I'm just comforted by the knowledge that if the vote is too close, we will be able to rely on our totally fair and ballanced and unbiased Supreme Court to decide the winner!

The Supreme court is not likely to decide this one. If these guys end up tied, which can happen, it'll go to Congress. House chooses president and Senate chooses Vice-president. So, depending on how the other elections go and the party in control of each, you could end up with Obama and Palin... heaven forbid *s*

Sorry Harry, but this election won't be close, at least by the standard set by the last two elections. McCain is one of the least charismatic candidates we have had in a long time and with the virulent loathing of Bush, the economy, and most of the media against him, he has no chance. Don't worry though, after eight years of democratic bungling the country will be ready for eight years of republican bungling again. Brian, I feel your pain in 2016.

There is a pretty good chance that I may be feeling Brian's pain in 2012 as the economy may short-circuit Obama's agenda and make him look really bad. No money, no party. Where will the money come from to finance his agenda unless he kills all of us with increased taxation? But the dems can't do that because increased taxation will surely prevent economic recovery. There may be a faux recovery in 2009-2010 that may open the door a little, but then the collapse will resume into 2012 and beyond.

In case I appear overly pessimistic I think all this difficulty will result in real change and not the type of superficial change Obama is talking about like multi-lateralism, universal health care and lines at the abortion clinics. I'm talking about a massive paradigm shift of new values and ways of doing things that are on the fringes of awareness now but will only become clear as events unfold..something beyond free markets, capitalism, socialism or any current "ism".

I'm not talking about paradise or utopia in regard to this paradigm shift. Don't worry, there will still be problems for us to debate about.

El condor pasa.

Progressives (aka liberals), I feel your pain:


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