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October 22, 2008


Does anybody have anything positive or good to say about their candidate of choice? I am disappointed that you can't extol the virtues of Joe Bide, if that's your "Man" rather kicking the opposition.

I'm a cynical undecided voter; prove to me your man, Barak, will (not wants to) change the world because I don't think McCain/Palin will either.

So I will vote for candidate that scares me the least (how sad is that?). Who would I want in the Oval Office if a dirty bomb goes off in Paris or the Israelis attack Iran? I don't really care that Sarah is dressed up like a Designer Barbie. Check out Joe Biden's suits, their not Men's Warehouse specials.

With all these cartwheels you're setting yourself up for a big disappointment if Obama doesn't deliver. It's like you have blind religious faith in this guy much like belief in a guru who says he can deliver salvation (in Obama's case, "change") but hasn't proven he can do it.

You just simply believe which doesn't sound like the objective, skeptical rationalist you present yourself to be on your other blog.

Are there two Brian Hines?

Being in Oregon, where we vote by mail, I have already voted for Obama. A lot of times I have had to choose the lesser of evils. Maybe almost every time. This time I really believe in Obama's ideas, his personality as a vehicle to deliver them, and I think his choice of Biden was a good example. I have always liked Joe Biden. I have written a lot about all these candidates-- the pros and cons-- in my own blog.

Most people can find the information on what these candidates promise, on their backgrounds and their work to date, but a lot don't want to do the work. They are swayed by the least little thing. To me by now if someone is really undecided, there is a deeper reason, a reluctance maybe to admit their real reasons (like maybe age for McCain and race for Obama, possibly always voting for one party but realizing this time it'd be a mistake).

For almost a year now, I have believed Obama was our best chance to fix the mess we are in. His campaign has not disappointed me.

No matter who gets in, they will displease a lot of people because this country has gotten itself into a mess by believing it can have something for nothing and voting for those who promise it. What McCain and Palin have been stirring up is more resentment than I have yet seen-- and it wasn't good before. I don't know how that will work for whoever gets elected. Bush promised to unite the country and then did all he could to divide it as a way to keep power. McCain has literally done all the things he said were wrong when Bush did them but now he wants to win so badly he doesn't care.

To be honest, I wasn't as upset about McCain as a possible president until I began researching and found that a lot of what we thought we knew about him, we did not. Then he picked Palin and it was like how could anyone who loved this country have chosen someone so ill-prepared to be president in such a critical time?

They say Obama is not prepared. He ran a campaign that has shown that he is. Palin has proven nothing except she can look beautiful. That isn't exactly reassuring to me especially since she could be president January 22.

Might Obama disappoint me? Of course. That's how it goes. We vote the best we know but to me his character and temperament are the best bet we have for today and any of those possible disasters you mentioned.

Obama's hardest stand will be against those in his own party who think he'll be a pushover. I think they will find out he has strong ideas and he won't let them railroad through what they expect. None of them delivered this to him. He did it through hard work, good organizations, the support of the little guys like my family, and ideas that resonated with a lot of Americans enough that they have sacrificed to support his campaign financially and through their hard work. He's never said it'll be easy or without cost. That alone is a refreshing change.


Hey Brian! When do you get that new bike?
No THERE is something to do cartwheels about!

Well, not while on the bike hopefully.

GEEZZZE it sure is a relief to take ones mind off of the flakes running for office!
Such "mind pollution". I'm sick of it.

Maybe in 4 years there will be someone running worth a tinkers damn.

condor, there's just one of me. I don't have blind faith in Obama. I've listened to him speak. I've read his policy proposals. I've seen him in person.

One difference between politics and religion is that in a presidential election, "none of the above" is a stupid choice -- whereas it makes a lot of sense with religion.

We have two alternatives for president. In my opinion, Obama and Biden are far superior to McCain and Palin. They aren't perfect, but their understanding of how this country needs to change makes good sense.

You're not saying that "churchless" people can't be enthusiastic, are you? I don't see why you would. So where's the problem in me being excited about the prospect of an Obama presidency?

It's 96% or so likely to happen, according to a respected polling web site.

That's a heck of a lot better odds than religion offers -- for heaven or salvation. So again, politics is very different from religion. The blind faith involved is much less in an election.

I think by being positive, by imagining that Obama has won, by keeping respectful (as you always do here), what you are doing is part of what is helping him win and it's about spirituality too as it's that think it and it shall be kind of thinking. It sure won't do any good to be down in the dumps. We have to work, donate and think positive until it's been decided; then hope for the best for what it means for our country and the world-- as what the US does impacts the world whether our citizens want to think it or care about it or not.

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