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October 01, 2008


I sooo agree with this!! What a waste of time! I am 24 years old, and 9 weeks pregnant, with morning sickness everyday, and I mean BAD morning sickness. But I guess that's not enough to excuse me from this forced stupidity. I agree that they should use volunteers. I have to go tomorrow morning, and be there by 8:40am.... bleh. I can already tell I will be in a very grouchy, annoyed, sick mood. I enjoyed reading this. It is nice to know that other people feel the same way and aren't afraid to say so. I am sick of these "It's our civic duty!" people. If I have to hear that one more time, or watch a video one more time about this I think I may just barf all over the other jurors... ugh. This is my second time going, I am not thrilled. Great read! Good job!

Not thrilled about having random people with no forensic knowledge decide whether someone is guilty or not.

This is a great post, I could not agree more. The only people who ever look like they are not bothered by attending jury duty are the ones with nothing to do, or perhaps maybe that guy who will do anything to be away from his job. To threaten a citizen with a substantial fine and/or jail time for not caring about our joke-of-a-court-system is flat out ridiculous. Why the hell should we care?

By the way when will people stop using the old classic "it's the price of freedom" line? Times have changed, we're not the only free country by any means. I love this country, and by that I mean I love the REAL people of this country, the citizens.

This is exactly how I feel about jury duty. Let me tell you something. If I were the defendant, I would not want the jury to be made up of people who don't even want to be there. You know they're not going to give a crap. You know they're just going to want to go home. You can bet that they're going to be glancing at their watches wondering when they can go. And these are the people who are deciding my fate??

I have to go in tomorrow, one week before Christmas vacation starts. Talk about lousy timing!

The last Jury Duty notice I received informed me that I would show up or have a warrant for my arrest (isn't that extortion?), would be paid $6 for the entire day, and would be given a bus pass so I could park 10 miles away as all the courthouse parking is reserved for judges and lawyers. Upon entering the courthouse I wouldn't be allowed my cell phone or any other electronic widget. Magazines would be provided.

Civic Duty or not, my main issue is that the courthouse abuses those people who show up for jury duty, since they're forced to be there. They WILL show up or go to prison. They WILL be paid next to nothing while being yanked away from their job, which does NOT need to pay them for the time their gone. They WILL park way off in the boonies and walk or take the bus in. They WILL give up all forms of entertainment to sit in hard, cheap chairs in a room with no fresh air for hours on end, and left with nothing but soap operas on TV and magazines that my Dad read while I was being born. (Did you know that Leisure Suits are the latest fashion?)

Most people I've met can't afford to have an entire week of pay ripped away from them, so I'm guessing it's an American's "Civic Duty" to be punished for overdue bills, or to eat ramen for a week. If the jurors were actually treated with respect, paid their normal wage (whatever it may be), given a couch or other comfortable seating, and reasonable parking I don't think that people would be so opposed. The whole "Screw 'em, they have to be here anyway, and we have judges that need oak paneling" attitude is where the major flaw in the jury system is.

As a libertarian, or libertarian influenced person, I believe it is unethical to compel innocent people by threat of state violence to "render justice" at prices below the free market price. I don't actually mind in practice participating in jury conscription that much since it can be interesting to observe peoples' psychology. But I strongly disagree with the principle of forcing people to stand and sit on command, address the justice with "Your Honor," use compulsory labor, the lack of instructions provided about jury nullification, and that jurors are supposed to always be only finders of fact in contrast with what the Supreme Court has ruled on jury nullification. It is nonsense and disinformation to claim that a free and prosperous society requires enforced servitude and mandatory labor. In particular it denies the intrinsic freedom from slavery guaranteed by the 13th Amendment.

As a practical matter the "we need slavery" crowd will claim that a randomly sampled jury is important. The jurors are selected in a highly biased manner already, so if you demand true random sampling in jurors, you have an impossibility. Happily statistical sampling can be used in the case of a noncompulsory system paying jurors for their time, with the exception that people unwilling to participate or who command salaries far above the rate paid by the court will often refuse. However this is for the better since these people are likely to be very resentful and render poor verdicts under compulsion, as well as have a view of the legal system being immoral and not respecting peoples' rights, as a consequence of its unwillingness to uphold the basic rights of jurors.

If I'm selected again as a juror I will explain that I'm there unwillingly under compulsion from threat of state violence. I will explain that I will strive to render a verdict that is unbiased according to fact and judgement of law in extreme cases which require nullification. But since I believe my own rights are being denied with respect to the 13th Amendment, this service will be rendered unwillingly and pragmatically I may be a bad choice because of my beliefs.

The statists will always claim that if you sacrifice enough freedoms "magically" then you will be ushered into a free society where everyones' rights are respected. Since such argumentation is at first glance contradictory it should be held up to a very critical eye indeed. In some cases as national defense it may indeed be necessary to sacrifice the freedom of say enemy combatants in a war zone (this is not to excuse the lack of due process, Gitmo, and assassinations by drones, that Bush and Obama have carried out), to preserve the liberty of free and sovereign citizens in the Republic of the USA. However subtle and insidious encroachments against freedom should always be resisted since they will only serve to undermine the virtues of freedom, personal sovereignty, and independence, and inculcate a fear of freedom and the just rights of the individual, among the public and future generations.

I agree Jury Duty is STUPID!

A) Nobody wants to be there
B) Most of those people don't anything about the law or how to evaluate facts properly or possibly even understand the case in such a way to make a real verdict without guessing.
C) Most people are incompetent anyway, if selected from a pool of the general public.
D) It makes it easier for lawyers to manipulate people so the case goes their way.
E) Your forced against your will and threatened with "jail", "fines", "community service" and YOU WILL SERVE anyway. Sounds like Tyranny to me.
F) No compensation, you lose possibly a lot of money if your employer won't reimburse you.
G) I am sure you could be fired, regardless of the governments worthless claims your protected. I mean really, your boss fires you, you call the government and then what, your claim is processed ten years later.

Here is how is should work. A bunch of judges and lawyers duke it out until they know beyond a reasonable doubt if the guy is guilty. But I am sure that is not in the best interest of the lawyers and judges and thats all that matters not the justice system.

This entire article stems from selfishness..enough said

Resident aliens reap the benefits of being in this country without this responsibility of "civic duty" - what a joke. Maybe I should pretend I don't speak English next time, that would be sure to keep me off the jury.

I am frankly disgusted and offended at living in a "democracy" in which I am forced to do this.

The jury duty design in this country is a joke. There should be a pool of qualified, IQ-tested, VOLUNTEERS deciding defendants' fate.

I agree, the fact that in that countries such as America where all are free I feel that drea duty is a disgusting display of slavery and as everybody has been sang a violation of the 13th amendment I have never been selected for jury duty I also find it very hypocritical that the Land of the Free where the United States of America also still has the audacity to ban recreational drug use with most drugs. Keeping drugs illegal has only caused ppl to use more dangerous legal drugs. Not to mention. Jailing non violent drug users for simply using a substance that they enjoy*hints*(persuite of happiness) which is a constitutional right. Is being blocked. Keeping drugs illegal keeps addicts from being able to even get most or any jobs due to drug tests, causing them to resort to robbery. Jury duty is bad but we need to end this ridiculous & costly war on drugs. As its a war on the citizens who use them.

A person who tells me he feels that everyone should do jury duty as a civic responsibility is someone I cross the street to avoid.

I have found it to be a ridiculous scenario, just as mentioned in the initial article. Seeing governmental systems fail, time and time again just reinforce my original thought about all of it. It should not be mandated; and if that was not avoidable, then the reasons to be excused should be lenient.

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