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September 05, 2008


I looked at the one that's on the stands now. The one with the "affair" thing on the cover. No details inside -- at least none that I could find before it was my turn to have my stuff run over the scanner.

OH........those long Alaskan nights!!!

Every beautiful woman is suspect of having affairs! To me, if she did, it would matter not(missing that gene they now say explains men who don't see monogamy the same as others). I doubt it'd matter to Republicans either. They only care when it's a Democrat. :)

John McCain did get his own Paris and Britney though. Who knew when he did that ad that he was really looking for a way to oogle them. Makes it easier when it's his running partner.

Typical liberal bloviating....

Reduced to The National Inquirer??

Very impressive.

Your "credibility" precedes you.

tj, I'm curious what you think about the Enquirer's reporting on John Edward's affair.

When the first story came out, did you rush to denounce the National Enquirer's credibility? I assume so, given your comment.

Are you aware that the Enquirer was the first to report the Edwards story (to my knowledge)? And that after denials by Edwards, the Enquirer turned out to be right?

Maybe you weren't aware of all that. I have to assume so, given that you denigrate the Enquirer's record on affairs by politicians.

As if that one story about Edwards erases decades of lawsuits for false and slanderous reporting.

The National Enquirer, always known as a fine and respected institution that sets the standard for fair, responsible, accurate reporting, and that always places high professional standards above sensationalism, distortion, gossip and profit.

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