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September 01, 2008


After reading a lot of these news stories I shake my head.... actions speak louder than words. What in Gods name could she have been thinking giving a speech when her water had broken, flown to washington then alaska? Her actions aren't that of a strong leader or an intelligent leader.

What ever the case, lets have a little consideration for the child.
Remember: children come first!
Hopefully, the Reverand Jeramya Wright, or Al Shark-tonge will be available to deliver the dedication and sprinkling.
Maybe someday this child will be wanting to purchace a house. I sure hope we have a good president at that time to help "cut corners".

Update: here's a knowledgeable post from a labor and delivery nurse who also seriously questions Palin's judgment:

And here's a Philadelphia Examiner post with more food for questioning thought:

Considering how her actions endangered her baby, my first thought was that she didn't care because of the Downs and she wouldn't be responsible for its death if it happened that way. I don't know a mother who would wait that long to get into a sterile environment, a hospital once her water broke. It definitely makes one wonder what was going through her head.

I really feel bad for Palin's pregnant daughter. I question what the point is of women's rights when in 2008 I have to watch a 17 year old be forced to get married and have a baby just so she doesn't shame her family. Are you telling me that a 17 year old really wants to have a baby and get married? She has no idea what she wants! All the conservatives are saying how great it is that she is marrying the guy and all I'm picturing is that the US has become like Pakistan where women don't have a choice of who they marry and what they want for their own life. This whole situation is totally upsetting and just reminds me that the McCain/Palin ticket is a trainwreck and it is depressing to watch.

When I was 15 and pregnant, soooo many years ago, I was not in any way in charge or "making choices". The adults all around me were running the show. Choices were made. And in the end I probably even benefited from them but in no way did *I* make them. I doubt that Bristol is making any either.

Sounds like lots of people have been drilling in her oil field...

The link goes to the hospital records for that date. This farce, the Jack Nicholson syndrome, will not last long.


Mama Palin's behavior during pregnancy sounds very "liberal." Teen girls get pregnant, etc., when they are not being supervised. Does this family leave the eldest child to care for the littlest (as seen at the convention with little girl holding baby brother)? Did the teen get pregnant while mom was away politicking?

I can't figure out why this story has disappeared from the national press. Why isn't Palin being pressured to provide some independently verifiable evidence about who is the actual mother of baby Trig?

I think that this question is an important and serious one! Here's a website that's trying to collect all the information in one place:


Let's not let the Palin campaign off the hook until they come up with concrete evidence one way or the other!

As i watched the Biden/Palin debate i noticed at the end when she held the baby for a moment, is something really wrong with trig besides downs syndrom. Even in other tv i noticed the baby doesnt move his legs, arms, ot lifts his head. is he also paralized? this baby is about 5-6 months now. he should me wiggeling along. also with all the noise of the audience why doent he cry or move? Its just something i have noticed over the months.

Abnormal behavior is normal for Downs syndrome babies.

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