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September 27, 2008


Palin is being kept out of sight. I think her interview was why McCain threw his little show out there-- to distract the clueless from getting clued into her complete inability to run this country. Likely they are working on her all this week to ready her. How do you ready someone who didn't have an interest in any of the government business other than getting pork for her own state? Her debate is already set up to limit her answers to short ones, not allow for explanations (where she gets in trouble).

Of course, I agreed on Obama winning the debate but it's because I am idea, not emotion oriented. Obama works to communicate concepts and ideas to work on problems which is less popular with those who want to see debates as jousts.

Here is a bit of advice for Barry:

Barry, when you have an idea that you wish to express, please think about it and begin clearly with the first word.
Yes, we are very proud of your grasp of the vowels, but it is not nessisary to recite them in doubles, triples before each sentance.

"AA AA, EE EE, II II II, OO OO, UU UU,,,,,,UH uh,,, now lets be clear about this...."

YES PLEASE! By all means, lets be clear without the vowel resitation.

Go ahead and use vowels, but please wrap some consanants around them to give them meaning.

For gods sake, you sound like my air compressor starting up!

Think about what you want to say, and then start with the first word.

Then maybe all of the hype by your followers about you as a "great speaker" will be true.

AA AA, EE EE, II II II, OO OO, UU UU,,,,,,UH uh,,, thats all I have to say about that!

Isn't that annoying?

Harry, do you rename your friends like GW Bush does? So they tell you they prefer to be called Rebecca but you call them Becky? That's all I have to say about that except is your real name Harold?

Oh and Obama is not known for 'winning' debates. He had his clock cleaned by Hillary in almost all of them. He thinks before he speaks, actually listens to the question, doesn't have canned answers, and it works against the debate format where it's meant to be fast with little thought at the moment. Winning these political debates is about a good soundbite that everybody repeats ad nauseum for years afterward. Or apparently getting emotional and making voters emphatize with you-- forgetting whether you agree their stand on issues.

Rain Said:

>>> That's all I have to say about that except is your real name Harold?<<<

No. The name on my birth certificate is Harry.
The name on Barry's is Barry.

Otherwise, yes. I have had many friends when I was in the workforce that called me Harold, Harvey, Hank, Hair, etc....
Some of them for the entire length of our association, spanning years.
I always took it affectionatly.(sp)
But thanks for asking. :-)

I have one of those birth names (sounds like nickname but is not). I am not sure what birth certificate you saw but the one I saw on Daily Kos last spring had his birth name as Barack. He says he's named that for his father. He did go through high school as Barry to try and fit in. Barack is a rather unusual name unless you are into the Bible and then there is the Barak who was Deborah's general...

At any rate, somewhere along the way Obama chose to be called Barack. I had a friend who I met as Nickie but years later, she decided she preferred Nichole which was her birth name.

I think to call him Barry is done to demean him since he has chosen to be Barack. I don't know your motives, of course, but Bush renames people with a nickname of his choosing and I think it's done to take their power. To me, the name we ask to be called by should be the name people use... Incidentally, I gave myself the name Rain because of where I live and my love of nature. It's not the one on my birth certificate. It's still polite and nice to call me Rain if I ask... oh and... Harry is a fine name. My grandfather was a Harry.

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