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September 03, 2008


Big Deal!!! Seems we had a Democratic president under the desk with a cigar and an intern. If we now add these "shocking revelations" to the entire populace, guess what...Half or more fall off the wagon...Gosh..Can we smear anymore...Sick!!

If my memory serves me well,The Republicans made a pretty big deal about that intern.

Sounds like the Republicans are going to have a nationwide recall on turd sandwiches!

You two look about as fashionable as your website! Good luck with your 60's freakshow and political views.

I hope this affair is true, that way Sarah,Bristol,and Levi can all go together to"Mommie and Me" playdates. Palin is a clown.

enjoying your consolidation of palin stories. but the one not really played up is her patriotism. republicans made a big deal over the flag pin and hand over the heart in reciting the pledge but palin was a member of the alaskan independence party advocating alaskan secession including a speech to them and her husband was a member for 17 years from what ive read.

Well, look at what happened to Edwards when the Enquirer started dogging him.

As far as your "60s freakshow and political views", I'll take that any day over the "00s horrorshow" that politics has become since the current maladministration got the controls.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me for eight years, shame on me unless I got wise. If you still haven't gotten wise, then shame on you again. Fool me ... won't get fooled again.

Mommy Dearest, I do not want to get married. Mommy Dearest, I will work and raise my baby on my own. Please Mommy Dearest.


Just one more piece of dirt on this 100% fake. This woman should never be near the Whitehouse--never be permitted in the door. Can't people see she is not what the GOP pretends she is?

If the alleged Sarah Palin affair is true, I candidly advise Gov. Palin a.k.a. Baracuda to bow out of the race with the excuse of family reasons. She should NOT wait to be disgraced out. That is the best option. Remember National Enquirer and John Edwards! A word is enough for the wise.

I certainly hope it's true. Bring it on for us with all the gory details. I'm sick of all the sound bites. It's horrendous how they make this woman a shining star.

I cringe when I think of her on a plane to Russia or the Middle East or Korea. I'm sure the leaders there will be thrilled to be talking with her about her children, being a socker mom and running a state that has a population less than most cities in the U.S.

Dig, dig, dig.

Seems like when the shoe's on the other foot the Republicans aren't fans of scandals.

Suddenly they want to talk about "the issues"

AHAHAHA...after alll these years!

maybe if they weren't preaching such "family values" this wouldn't be as big of a deal.

For the good of America I hope this story is true. Anything to keep the Bush 3rd term out of office. Actually after tonight's speech by Palin I think she may be even worse than Bush. She makes me nauseous. I'm donating more money to the Obama campaign because of how disgusting her speech was tonight. I encourage everyone else to do the same. We can't let these people destroy our country.

Rudy Giuliani's speech was disgusting too. What an evil bastard.

I too am absolutely going to donate again to the Obama campaign after listening to this woman's puppet speech. Please join those of us who love our country and donate at www.barackobama.com, and www.moveOn.org .

Gotta keep your sense of humor !!

Remember that John McCain, Gotta keep your sense of humor !!!

But seriously folks, can I just remind ya'll one more time that for 5 1/2 years I lived at the POW Hilton, I didn't have a table or a chair !!

But I got a lifetime of crutches out of the deal!!

Gotta keep your sense of humor !! Kinda hard to do when looking at McCains sense of Judgement !!

John McCains ready to lead !!

Now if he could just remember where the hell he's going !!

Could Joe wisper in his ear ??!!

The people chose Barack Obama !!

John McCain chose Sara Palin !!

Sarah Palin will be in the white house while the pot smoking, cocaine head Obama with scandals of his own too many to mention will fade away into mediocrity.

Ok, she thinks Jew's deserve attacks because they don't believe in Jesus (politico.com). Then she claims that the Iraq War is "God's Plan" (webcastr.com). Then they are forcing the boy to marry the daughter. There is 'troppergate' (Washington Post) and now she supposedly had an extra-marital affair according to the NE? There is just too much noise here.

If McCain was this hasty with this most important choice of his campaign, what will this crusty old man do as a world leader?

McCain (and Palin) think this is all a big, flip, cavalier joke. They are on the verge of accomplishing the impossible by almost making Bush seem like a smart guy.

McCain is nearing the point where the GOP will soon say, either you fire her, or we'll fire YOU!

Personally, I think it's time they both went away.

You people are more trash then the NE .
Lets see the NY Times had to retract a story on her being a member of the NIA party.
Her daughter did not have the down baby but it was alleged .
US weekly has cover lies owned by Rolling Stone who gave thousands to Obama
NE had to settle just last month love child story with Ted Kennedy .

You are some sick people and very ignorant if you think this affair is veritas.

But if you throw it out naive folks buy this scum .

This woman is horribly flawed. Probably the most significant illustration of Palin's bad judgement, very suspect decision making skills, hypocrisy, and below par intellect is her poor little baby.

Having a child over 40 puts the child at a greater risk of a disability - this is common knowledge to most people. If you've already got 4 children, why risk having another who would likely be ill all their life. How selfish. That isn't pro-life, that's just plain irresponsible.

I shudder to think that such a person could be president - doesn't matter if they are male or female.

The fact that she may have had an affair falls perfectly in-line with the hypocrisy evidenced in the little we know about her so far.

I live in England and I am British, I have a great interest in who is the next President of the USA - I am horrified to think that a beauty queen with not the same values as my tom cat maybe a heartbeat away from the presidency. I am shocked that Mccain who could be in office next could make such a huge blundering a decision based on spending a few minutes in conversation with her. it does not bode well for any of us.

Here's a family values Republican who trots out her 17 year old unwed pregnant daughter and her 18 year old f**king redneck boyfriend who publicly said he's not ready to have kids--his decription of himself on Facebook, not mine--who lies publicly about her record claiming to have deployed the National Guard and rejected the Pork Barrel earmarks like the Bridge to Nowhere that she supported wholeheartedly and lies about the record of her opponents and we're supposed to believe that she is above having an extra-marital affair? I say let the facts some out and then we'll judge them. The RNC at least can't claim that Esquire is part of the liberal media.

You folks "hoping" for this lady's downfall are pathetic and disgusting. You really need to stop watching "Democracy Now".
Governor Palin outclasses Obama and Biden.
Community organizer with actual responsibilites. Priceless and true.

Wow, all you libs are tied up in knots over her. Bitter, party of many.

To me it's about her failed policies as governor, her political views which are driven by being a christianist, and her lack of experience in any foreign policies or constitutional law (an area that Bush has been ramrodding our country into losing while talking up patriotism). She will be more of the same and between her and loose cannon McCain, I don't know where this country will end up. What is ironic is most of the people who are so gung ho on the Iraq war also want to keep the tax cuts and have more. Is this the conservative party's mantra-- pie in the sky. Perhaps that's how they ended up with the beauty queen instead of one of the other conservative women with real experience but no glamour. I would still not have voted for McCain over his policies and personality but at least I'd have more respect for his judgment. Now I see it all about wanting his own glitz and he sure couldn't provide it.

Where are all the Family Values of HITLERS
Where was the "PERFECT MOM " while 17 year old was Banging somewhere with the Redneck ?

I just sent another donation to Obama. McCain has to be stopped. Another McCain decision like the Palin VP selection, and we're all doomed. Just when you thought that the USA could not be any more of a laughingstock in the eyes of the world, and then Palin appears to prove that it can always be worse.

It seems that Mc Cain has a Fetish about Younger Women?
I guess he does not have Elder Care Insurance?
Palin is as Pathetic as he is -


I frigg'in love it... I'm going to love watching this Rep hump get picked apart...

I hate Politicals almost as much as doctors and lawyers.... All should die...:)


How incredibly cruel that any person (Democrat or Republican) would actually HOPE that someone has cheated on their spouse and gone against their wedding vows. Politics aside, you guys are jackals!!!!!
I respect Sarah Palin and John Mccain and would rather have them representing the U.S.A the way it used to be--old fashioned values and Love of your country and God-I don't dislike Barack Obama, but I don't think he is qualified to be President.. He should have chosen Hilary as his running mate..

Sarah Palin and John McCain make me sick they are a bunch of liars and specially Palin should keep her mouth shut and stop criticizing and look at was she's done, a possible affair, the pregnancy scandal, polar bear killer, less experienced than Obama and abuse of authority investigation. who the hell is she to judge anyone specially Obama that has a very clean record. the republican party is ridiculous and if they win this election i will move away from this country. there will be no one else to blame but the stupid McCain voters. That's why we are in such of deep hole because dumb asses that voted for Bush, TWICE! use you brain and comon sense before voting, i'll take inexperience any day over a crook and liar.

I could not help but notice the tone of condescesion and contempt in the way Palin described Obama as a "community organizer."
Hmmm. What could that be about?

I also noticed that Mike Huckabee's gracious comments about the historical significance of Obama's success went over like a lead brick at this gathering of gun-totin' Christians.

Look people lets be Frank for a minute. The internet cant lie because we are the ones controlling it, not the Pentagon. Sarah Palin is a fraud, my cousin is stationed in Alaska for the U.S. Army and has told me all about Palin. The rumors are ALL TRUE, vote Obama!

I believe I have seen a few lies here and there on the internet.

Robert Paul Howard

italian girl you sure sound like a real idiot. You are proclaiming that Obama should have chosen Hillary becuase he is inexperienced? He has been an elected offical for almost 12 years, she has for six, what the hell does that make her? and then you say Palin and McCain have experience and love this country. Can you look yourself in the mirror and say that Palin loves this country without a doubt when her husband belongs to a group where there leader says, he hates american and her damn social programs". Another bitter Hillary supporter talking out of her ass because she didnt get what she wanted. Sarah Palin is a scandal ridden, no experience having, no knowing twit with an educational background that wouldn't get you a job these days.

Word of the Day,

Vetting: a process of examination and evaluation.

To vet was originally a horse-racing term, referring to the requirement that a horse be checked for health and soundness by a veterinarian before being allowed to race. Thus, it has taken the general meaning "to check."

The thing I find scariest about Palin is that she has never been outside of the country except to visit the military in Iraq. How can someone get an idea of what is possible governing when they haven't seen other examples and ideas of what can work in other countries?

Wasn't Bill Clinton the governor of a small southern state? I did not realize that Arkansas provided foreign policy experience.
You folks are pathetic.

I have a friend who is a writer and he does copywriting. He would get all sorts of tabloids to study how they write their stories. I always thought the National Enquirer was full of you know what, but I hadn't really read it at all. Then when I was hanging out with him I would invariable start reading them. We both concluded after reading it that virtually all the stories in there are true. We are both well educated. I would rate it more than 90% likely that she did have an affair. Why is it important? Ask the Republicans. They made the big deal out of it. If you want to talk the talk you gotta walk the walk. Frankly, I think people should just walk the walk and if people like your walk they will ask you to talk about it. BTW, according to a report I read she goes to a church where they said if you voted for Kerry in 2004 you would have a hard time gaining entrance into heaven. I work with a born again Christian. They are nice people in one way, but extremely scary in another. They would bankrupt the country and give the keys to the car to the leaders of the Republican Party in exchange for outlawing abortion.

The very worst part of it? Throwing your own teen age daughter under the bus...having her think she was going to an anniversary party until she got off the plane in Dayton. It makes your stomach churn!

Other than the NASTY comments by Sarah Palin last night let's reflect on the nastiness of the Presidential Candidate McCain.
How could anyone respect a guy like Mc Cain
after his comments in the Clinton era:

Sarah Palin was riding dirty.

Hi --

The NE most always gets its facts straight. That said, there is just too many issues coming to light for it to be credible that some of them are not true.

All of this high light the real problem. McCain at the last moment told Romney that he was going to be VP choice but at the last minute told him not and picked her. His quick and rash decision hint at what he may be do as president. This type of actions are not good to see.

Also, he has cancer, period. When he was going against Bush in 2000. The cancer started moving quickly. He is being monitored every month, but if the cancer starts moving, there is little a doctor ca do about. His age is a problem.

I hear sometimes that if she had more experience then she would be ready. Well. she is not an A+ and certainly not a super star. Do you really want her to be president.

Sarah Palin is just plain scary and so are the people who support her. And I'm a Canadian.

How any American could vote for ANY Republican after the last 8 years, let alone the clowns they nominated, is absolutely beyond my humble comprehension.

Once again, at the age of 44 she has never been outside of the country! That says it all.

Facinated Brit watching from the sidelines - I tried to get into the National Enquirer website but for some strange reason its been taken down - big brother is watching you .......

Ms. Palin claims to be a stout Christian conservative. She gave birth a few months ago to a son with Down's Syndrome, who is named Trig. She claims she knew Trig would very likely be born with Down's long before the birth. She takes credit for choosing to preserve life over having an abortion. These are the facts according to Palin, and the McCain campaign. So let's think it through.

How does one know ahead of time that a baby is likely to be born with Down's Syndrome. Well, Down's Syndrome can be detected only one way prior to birth: by an analysis of the babies chromosomes. The doctor gets a sample by inserting a needle into the womb and withdrawing a small amount of the amniotic fluid. There is a real but very small chance (less than 1%) that doing this will cause a miscarriage (kill the baby). But many parents choose to have this "amniocentesis" procedure done anyway. Why put your unborn child at risk? Because it can tell you whether it is likely to have a birth defect. The amniotic fluid, like the placenta around it, is all "baby"; it contains cells sloughed from the baby's skin, lungs, and intestines, and the every one of those cells has baby's chromosomes, which can be seen using special stains and a microscope. Normal people have 26 different chromosomes, each with a characteristic length and shape. And, each one comes in a PAIR - one from Mom and one from Dad. Very rarely, an extra copy of one of the chromosomes gets included, so that baby gets 3 copies of that one. For most of the chromosomes, 3 copies prevents the baby from surviving to birth - a miscarriage. In the case of Chromosome 21, three copies ("trisomy 21") does not prevent the baby from surviving to birth, but does affect the postnatal development of the body and the brain in a characteristic pattern, known as Down's Syndrome. Nowadays, there are a number of other genetic diseases that can be detected using more sophisticated tests of the DNA (like the genetic code mutations that cause Cystic Fibrosis and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy).

Now, why would Gov. Palin want to have amniocentesis? To check on the genetic health of the child. In fact, few young women have genetic testing done, because chromosome abnormalities like Trisomy 21 are very rare and the risk of amnio to the fetus is real. But older women have a MUCH higher incidence of chromosome defects in their eggs. By the mid-40's, the chances of having a child with Down's are higher than 1 in 20 ; Gov. Palin's age is 44. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Down_syndrome).

But why is all this relevant? In fact, that's the point. Why in God's name would she put her child at risk to find out? There all only two alternatives. MOST women accept the risk amnio performed in order to inform their decision about keeping the baby. It doesn't mean you would go through with having an abortion, but it does indicate that you would like to have time to consider the option. In fact, that's why amnio is only done early in the pregnancy; to give you an option to act -otherwise it's a risk without a material benefit. Of course, the political ramifications of an abortion would be enormous if anyone found out.

The other option is that Gov. Palin just wanted to know. You know, to be prepared. But that beg's the hard question of why she would risk killing her unborn child by miscarriage just for convenience or mental preparation. Now, if she says she didn't know the risks (and that's hard to believe, when her Doctor is ethically and legally required to explain the risks of amnio), then that raises the hard question of why she didn't go to the trouble of asking hard questions, and whether that shows she won't ask the tough questions if/when she is "The Decider".

some typos in last post:
e.g. 23 pairs of chromosomes, not 26.

"preview is my friend. preview is my friend...."



*** gasp for air ***


You all only wish that this is true because Palin is such a threat to your precious Messiah!

With her convention speech, Sarah Palin shoved her thumb square in the eye of her hate-mongering limousine-liberal advesaries. It was truly wonderful.

Joe Biden and al-Barak Hussein Obama make me sick they are a bunch of liars and specially BIden should keep his mouth shut and stop criticizing and look at was he's done, a possible affair, the pregnancy scandal, liar, plagirist, less experienced than Mccain and abuse of power. who the hell is he to judge anyone specially Palin that has a very clean record. the democrat party is ridiculous and if they win this election i will move away from this country. there will be no one else to blame but the stupid Obama voters. That's why we are in such of deep hole because dumb asses that didn't vote for Bush, ONCE! use you brain and comon sense before voting, i'll take inexperience any day over a crook and liar like Biden and Obama.

If the alleged Joe Biden affair is true, I candidly advise Sen. BIden a.k.a. "The Plagiarist" to bow out of the race with the excuse of family reasons. She should NOT wait to be disgraced out. That is the best option. Remember

This exchange makes it crystal clear that the rational and principled among us need our own country to run and the hypocritical right-wing dittohead nutcases need their own country to ruin. I'm speaking as a swing-state independent who will probably vote for a third party rather than for Obama--in other words, NOT a Dem. Party apparatchik.

National Enquirer had gained some credibility w/ Edwards and now they are going to piss it all away with these allegations (no photos, no eyewitnesses, nothing). Believe me if it were tru it would have come out when she ran for Gov. She ruffled enough feathers in Alaska that if someone had these oods on her then we'd know by now. Way to go, morons.

Sarah kicks ass!!!

HAHA....We Democrats are sick and tired of all the garbage our country has gone through in the past 8 years. So mcCain picks a looser from Alaska and just because she has some deliciously juicy scandal following her to the election...we are mean and hateful? This, from the party of Rove...who is the most vile and hate filled person in the world?? Oh so, I guess it was okay when McCain got smeared by the Bush campaign in 2000...remember that?? they suggested his time in Vietnam had left him emotionally unstable...that he had a bad temper.And I guess that's OKAY...B/C it was all done in the TRUE SPIRIT OF COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATISM!!! But hey...it's 2008...and the very republicans who swallowed those lies and ran McCain out of the race, suddenly can't WAIT to vote for him and this phony. What a bunch of HYPOCRITS!!!

I just found your blog and enjoy it very much. And I see that some of the same trolls that visit my blog visit here, too! Aren't they a delight? I get some of the hippie bashing posts, too. Pretty funny stuff if these people and their ideas weren't so scarey.

I wasn't feeling too good about the slick looking package Ms P. presented at the Republican convention but after listening to Alaskan radio today at http://www.kudo1080.com/ I feel much better. Ms. Palin told a lot of lies at the convention and her fellow Alaskans know it.

Schadenfreude isn't nice, but dang it the affair is icing on the cake. His affair ended John Edwards' career, and came very close to finishing Clinton politically. I hope for a fitting and appropriate end for Ms. Palin's ambitions. Let McCain have his running mate of choice- Lieberman. I'm pretty sure Lieberman won't embarrass the McCain camp with his sexual shenanigans.

Sarah Palin is an opportunist who will climb on the backs of anyone to further her own agenda. It is obvious just by the tidbits of news released by the RNC. I was excited about her last Friday when McCain first introduced her in Dayton but after last night I saw a nasty, mean-spirited, wicked old witch. McCain badly needs someone who is thoughtful because he is well know for his rash decisions and temper. This woman is as bad as him. I feel so bad for her daughter because while teenage pregnancies are no longer uncommon, it is still not the "in" thing amongst a 17year old girls peers. She really has no place to go for solace. She is given the care of her 5 month old brother and now has to deal with her own pregnancy and an immature boyfriend who probably has a shotgun at his back. Let the vetting continue, because where there is smoke, there is fire. I hope the real stuff comes out well before November.

Seriously...y'all must be really scared to write such humorous satire. Keep this up and Nobama will surely lose!

Sara will fit right in with McCain. When he got back from Nam and found his wife who had waited for his return had a terrible car accident and was disfigured. So he dumped her for a blond with a rich dad with political connections to send him on his way in politics. No surprise Sara and McCain have so much in common? Republicans are such hypocrites. Tryed to shut down the entire government and cost taxpayers millions over a blow job in the White House but these so called Evangelic Christians don't give a damn about morality as long as their people are the ones who are immoral

it was a big deal when clinton was accused for it?
so why the double standard?

Why is it off limits to not ask for proof of Trigg's motherhood, as Sarah Palin is using her baby born April 18 to rev up the ultra right wing conservatives?! Besides her wolf and bear slaughter from airplanes, which is against federal law and sickening; and besides the total lack of experience and qualities necessary to be leader of the free world which is frightening; besides the fact this move proves McCain's absolutely NOT putting country first or he would not be willing to leave us twisting in the wind if he dies; if she DID (I for one am convinced that life does not hand you this many co-incidences and insane scenarios without truth behind it) go through all these gyrations and lies to cover up the fact that abstinence only education did not work for her own daughter; and to shore up her re-election for Governor of Alaska, I cannot be the only one who feels very sickened by what a devious personality it would take to start with, and continue with, this total lie to the American people.

I would love to hear the opinions of doctors of the facts of this 'birth'.

Let's just look at a few of those facts. No one, not her closest friends or her staff, had any idea that Sarah Palin was pregnant until she announced she was 7 months along. She had not worn different clothes and her own comment was 'I thought someone would notice my clothes were getting snug'. She has had 4 children before and let me tell you, you show earlier and get bigger with every subsequent child. There is a picture circulating of Sarah Palin late in an earlier pregnancy, and she is absolutely HUGE.

For the same time period, (co-incidence?) her oldest daughter was missing from school due to 'mononucleosis' for FIVE months. Mono is nasty but NO ONE EVER is too sick to work or go to school for more than a few weeks. If someone stayed ill that long, they should have been in the HOSPITAL for extensive tests because it must be something else much more serious. Where was her daughter LIVING for those five months? Seems to be no answer to that question from the Palins. No further tests for Bristol? WHY?

There is a picture circulating of the family noted as Feb. 2008 where Sarah is slim and trim. There were family pictures up from late 2007 where Bristol in has the look of a teenage girl with a definite circular baby bump. NOT fat, pregnant. Many family pictures have been REMOVED as well as others from the Governor's website. And then when you went back to look at that particular picture 'circa 2006'was ADDED. WHY?

Bristol was well enough to be out and about in February when she was supposed to be sick with terrible mono. Her name DID appear on the internet website (small state, they list all the traffic stops), for being involved in a small traffic accident but sometime after announcing Sarah for VP, Bristol's name was removed from the ticket posting on the internet. It now simply states the ticket was given to a ' 17 year old'. WHY the coverup?

Sarah Palin was in Texas in April when she told managers of the Governor's meeting that she was going to give her speech but needed an earlier flight back to Alaska because her amniotic fluid was 'leaking'. This is a red flag! The baby was supposedly a month early (but weighed over 6 lbs at birth); she knew it had Downs; yet she gives her speech and is quoted as saying she was having some labor pains but it was not ACTIVE LABOR, and so felt it was perfectly good judgement to get on a plane (with a change of planes I believe in Seattle) for a 10-12 hour trip. Instead of rushing to a hospital prepared to take care of a preemie, she drives a couple of hours more to get to her local Medical Center with NO NICU unit). A woman, in premature labor with the birth membranes ruptured since 4 AM, having experienced previous childbirth, gets on a plane for a trip of 10 hours plus? By all accounts of the flight crew she did not even appear pregnant, certainly not distressed! NOT ACTIVE LABOR? Goodness that is stupid. She could have gone into VERY ACTIVE LABOR 30 minutes into the flight and at 30,000 feet altitude! It makes NO sense, and that almost always means it is not true. What would make sense is that her daughter was in labor back in Alaska and she was going home to complete this coverup by taking the baby home from the Medical Center as hers.

Three days later Sarah is back at work, introducing this child to everyone as hers, perky, no complaints, totally normal. Supposedly she was breast feeding and using a breast pump? So who was taking care of this child at home while Sarah worked? Bristol? If there is any 17 year old girl who would not have a problem with this scenario, I have not met her. Knowing teenage girls in love it is entirely possible that the first thing Bristol did when she had some freedom after 5 months of staying out of sight was to go see the boyfriend - and proceeded to immediately get pregnant again (the most fertile time of a woman's life is soon after giving birth)! Trigg was born on April 18 but the medical center has NO RECORD OF HIS BIRTH! WHY? Could someone be working feverishly to change that birth certificate?

We are only juggling 2 weeks here! Trigg is 4 1/2 months old and, VERY big co-incidence, we now hear Bristol is FIVE months pregnant! Anyone out there with their 'logical' brain turned on? Could she be FOUR months along to cover their ass and we would not know the difference?

This young couple is going to get married. Well, FIVE months pregnant and why didn't they get married already? Sarah had no idea she was picked for VP till last week. What was holding up the marriage of her pregnant daughter? Maybe she is not quite as far along as they are telling us? AND where IS Trigg's birth certificate? WHY didn't Sarah value her child's life and go to a hospital in Texas!? Once the membranes rupture that baby is in danger of infection!

My problem with this woman is: IF she was in labor and got on the plane, leaking fluid, that is TERRIBLE TERRIBLE JUDGEMENT. Stupid, actually! And, IF this is a big fat story to cover her political future in Alaska since she had no idea about the VP nomination, and she is willing to put so much time and energy to pretend to be pregnant for a month and then pretend to be in labor (but not pretending very hard on the plane! No one on the plane even thought she 'looked' pregnant, much less in labor)- - and perhaps to cover up the absolute failure of her 'abstinence only' sex ed in Alaska's schools; and NOW is acting 'outraged' that questions are CONTINUING... Well, many of us will be OUTRAGED if she is pulling the wool over our eyes at the same time USING the child's disability to prop up her own reputation! (AND what IS this doing to her poor daughter!) There is something VERY VERY WRONG WITH HER JUDGEMENT and CHARACTER and she is underestimating the intelligence of the American people!

This scenario, which makes so much MORE sense than HER scenario, shows that hers is NOT the stable personality that this country needs in leadership.

Judgement also includes knowing one's own limits! And how she judges herself with all that is going on in her family and total lack of foreign policy knowledge and experience, 'ready' to be leader of the free world and implement treaties and protocol with leaders like Putin to keep us out of more war? She does say Iraq is God's plan so perhaps more war is not a problem for her! Putting country FIRST? No, this is all hunger for power, and HER ambition. John McCain wrote in his second book that he did not run in 2000 for patriotic reasons, or to promote his agenda for the country's direction, but out of pure ambition to be President of the United States. Check it out. THAT is NOT a good reason, but it is an honest statement. Sarah Palin is not being honest about why she wants this job.

So, is John McCAin putting 'country first' by choosing Gov. Palin? Or, if he gets to fulfill his great ambition to be President and then leaves this Earthly plane, does he just figure 'what the he-ll'?.

Who does this bitch think she is? America isn't stupid...we want someone like Barak who went to Harvard and did something with his life. He has shown real leadership...not like some backwoods whore with her trailer trash family!

This is OUR time. Old Man McCain and this little Arctic Circle PopTart need to get the hell out of the way! It's time to take back America!

Artic Pop Tart.. funny! Randi Rhodes has been listing all the pork barrel projects she went to Washington every year to get her little town.. many millions! So much for 'cutting pork'.. just like she said she was 'against' the bridge to nowhere.. Well, only after she fought FOR the bridge to nowhere. So Randi calls her Pork Barrel Palin!

You know, if the shoe fits...

Is it me or why is it ok for her daughter to be getting married and she is not out of high school? College, raising your child, getting married, inquiring minds want to know

For those of you who claim that Obama is a crook and liar, could you please cite that? You sir, have listened to the far right freaks such as Limbaugh and Fox News. Barack Obama has a clean record and he is a good solid man full of great character. Palin is not squeaky clean by a long shot. Where there is smoke there is always fire. Personally, I think she is a hypocrite and a crappy mother who puts her career ahead of the best interests of her family.

Republicans are the most mean spirited, sarcastic, negative, people I have come across. This blog is a great example of this. Republicans come up with bold face lies about Obama's agenda. Example: According to the Republicans, we will all see our taxes increase under the Dems. Lies, lies, lies!!!! Barack Obama will grant tax cuts to 80% Americans, those of us who make $250,000 or less. People educate yourselves! Read, ask questions!

And for the frickin' idiot who inferred that Senator Obama is a Muslin by referring to him as "Al Obama," you are an ignorant ass! He is a practicing Christian. Check out the facts on SNOPES.com a non partisan cite that debunks rumors like these. Not that that matters, we should respect all races AND religions.

So people get the word out. We have to elect Barak Obama, our children's futures depend on it!

I just heard that John McCain is a pedophile and "purchased" his youngest daughter from an orphanage as a sex toy...picked out by that drug-addicted, botox-abusing wife, Cindy.

Let's tell EVERYONE!!

Of course, you wished the rumor was true. The liberals are so worried that this smart, attractive lady will cost the democrats this election. They are still mad at what happened 8 years ago. So they would jump on anything to make her and her family look bad. All these smears and unfounded rumors are going to backfire on you guys. I was on the fence earlier this year but as I watched how the Obama camp and the media attacked the Clintons and now, McCain and Palin, I am more convinced than ever that Obama will not win this November. There will be people like me who are disgusted and outraged.

Obama and McCain have been in a statistically dead heat for a couple of months and at my last check (realclearpolitics.com), Obama was only ahead by about 4.4 points. Whatever post convention bounce he got last week has almost been wiped out. You would imagine that with the country hungry for change, Obama would have done much better in the polls. But no. Obviously a lot of Americans are still not convinced that he is the right person to lead this country. I am having fun watching the liberals shaking in their boots and grasping at straws trying to discredit Palin and McCain. Keep trying and good luck!

"Personally, I think she is a hypocrite and a crappy mother who puts her career ahead of the best interests of her family."

Would you say the same about a man? How about Obama? He has 2 young daughters and he is not worried that the spotlight is now on him and his girls. Both he and his wife have almost always been working, so does that make Michelle a lousy mom because she prefers to have a career? What if Obama's 10-yr-old daughter later gets pregnant or gets a DUI while Obama is in the WH (if he gets elected)? You guys will be singing a different tune - "oh, it's their personal private matter and is nobody's business!"

When Bill ran for the presidency, Chelsea was still pretty young, and Hillary had always worked because she has always been one ambitious woman. Did it make Bill and Hillary bad parents because one chose to be a president while the other chose to have a career?

I am a mom of 2 young kids (one of who is 1 yr old) and I also have a small business that I work from home. So I guess that makes me a bad mother because I have chosen to have a business while caring for my kids. I thought we are living in the 21st century. I guess the feminists would only defend women if they are LIBERAL women! Hypocrite!

She was so mean and nasty when talking about Obama...What goes around comes around!

I don't want to see her as vice president either but I hope the story is false for he husbands sake...I bet it's true..She looks like a Jezzabelle...lol

The people defending Palin most passionately are the same ones who believed every single rumor about the Clintons 8 years ago; the same ones who forwarded the Clinton "death list" to everyone in their address book.

I don't give a crap if Palin had an affair. Nor about McCain's alleged affair. What I do care about is her POTENTIAL abuse of power as governor—IF it's true she overstepped her authority in an attempt to get her brother-in-law fired and/or fired Public Safety Commissioner Monegan for not canning the brother-in-law, then Palin does not deserve to be VP.

Face it folks...you dished out a lot of crap for 8 years while Clinton was in office. I agreed with his impeachment. You, however, celebrated it. You dished it. Now, shut the f- up and learn to take it.

A U.S. Army veteran for Change.

this is all about the gay media getting worried that they will not get a black president. So they discredit a hard working mother who has less skeletons in the cupboard then anyone of them. now tell me am i lieing.

Well, Hill will kill me if she sees this, but that Palin is a total MILF.

I wonder if I can get a state trooper to introduce me to her?

Speaking as a non-citizen of the U.S. who has been living here for 10 years, this is the most absurd I have seen things get. I came here awed by America's real functioning Democracy, unlike the broken system in the country I came from.

In the last 10 years, I have gone from being a religious person to a complete and utter nihilist. I dont think its a coincidence that this occurred durign the Bush years. You know what they say about British comedy, its so dark, because all these people were relentlessly glum about their fading empire.

In any event, it is unlikely that America will ever return to its position of former dominance. It gives me no satisfaction to say this, especially since I love this country and hope to live here for a long time. My place of birth was an accident but as a rational individual, I believe in the ideals this country espouses : Freedom of Opportunity, Non-discrimination, Fair wages and taxation, and above all Freedom of Speech including the right to a free press. These are obviously ideals that belong to one america and not the other.

It is absolutely scary when one of two political parties has at the head of its ticket, a complete hypocrite whose former self would have hated what he has turned into, and a former beauty queen who preaches morality, while apparently failing to teach it to her own children, or for that matter, if this article turns out to be true, herself. The scariest thing is that she actually is an excellent candidate for the Republican party.

Airheaded, religious, attractive, and of course, hypocritical. How did things get this bad is the real question. WHy does this country have so many ignorant and easily deluded people despite having been the world's largest superpower for so long?

While laziness and obliviousness offer an obvious answer, one has to wonder why the country's leaders, who despite their obvious access to competent experts have failed to provide an educational system at the high school level that actually encourages children to expand their thinking rather than aiming at keeping them one IQ level above the mentally challenged. I mean, how f***ing ridiculous is it that these creationists are such a threat? Its a result of the ignorance of the masses, plain and simple, and unless that is fixed, each election will be a popularity contest about values that neither the voters nor the candidates possess.

I wouldnt give a shit if Sarah Palin was a crack whore and her husband a tranny, jsut so long as she was competent at her job.

The executive duties of a president are rather more demanding than those of the governor of Alaska who apparently allowed her personal rancor to creep in to the extent that she abused her power to carry out vendettas. Sure the guy was a creep and a drunk, it doesnt matter. Creeps and drunks are quite common in whitetrashtown USA and I'm more than happy to see them get kicked in the nuts, just not in this farcical manner.

Its disturbing to me that someone like Sarah Palin even exists, and that she's influencing other people to be as ignorant and spiteful as her. She talks down Obama as a "community organizer" in a manner that is typical of the spiteful racist she really is. You see high income white folks have no need for community organizers and little appreciation for the role they perform in uplifting and mobilizing the underprivileged. If anything, they're a thorn in their sides, with their demands.

Barack Obama could have chosen to do several more lucrative things with his life after he graduated from Law School than become (insert Sarah Palin snarky voice here), a "community organizer". The republican party has demonstrated quite clearly that they have nothing of substance to offer in this election and as far as I'm concerned, this race is officially over. I just hope the Democrats dont weaken their own base by attempting to pander to the idiots. No the intellectuals wont move over to the other side, they jsut wont show up on election day. Stop trying to reach out to the retards (this does not refer to the mentally challenged. I only use it in the context of people that are born or "blessed" with normal brains but refuse to use them).

I jsut hope Biden doesnt hold anything back, and totally demolishes this fake come debate season although then she'd just play the victim and win the "hearts and rinds" of her retarded supporters.

Again, F*** how did these people get to be so stupid? I come from a third world country with a ridiculously corrupt leadership. The citizens, however, are well aware of this, and arent all blinded by instant hardons at the mention of God's name.

Aside from all that, I think Sarah Palin is very hot (there's somethign delicious about the successful imitation of competence mixed in with a little dose of hypocrisy), and I am goign to put her at the top of my MILF list. She's a real tart. Plus, apparently its impossible to notice she's pregnant on the day she's about to deliver Trig (short for trigger?). There's a superhuman quality. She can even fulfil my WOnder Woman fantasy while she's at it.

To: Things that make you go Hmmm

There is a fundamental difference you're overlooking. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Michelle Obama espouse the same "conservative" values as this woman does. Getting pregnant at 44 is seriously irresponsible, given the risks involved (assuming she did in fact get pregnant). A simple tubectomy, vasectomy, birth control pill or even responsible use of condoms could have prevented this. if you're going to take the position that one of these devices failed, then you have to concede thats an extremely improbable outcome.

What about returning to work 3 days after giving birth to a mentally challenged child? Is that not irresponsible. There are certain fundamental truths about a woman's role and a man's role in an evolutionary sense, and it is certainly true that a mother's care is most important during early development. Her decision to be a working mother is an excellent one, but then is it really such a grand idea to have as many children as she has had? You will have to concede there's a certain cost involved with a decision like that. Its ridiculous to turn this into a feminist issue. She's the worst possible flag bearer of that movement. Hell, one could even go so far as to call her the anti-feminist. Some people may be going overboard with their criticims of her but there are several valid points on here, and I would encourage you to consider them in your evaluation of Palin's candidacy. I must admit, it gives me tremendous satisfaction to see a narrow minded conservative WMA have to play second fiddle while his glamorous wife marches on in the spotlight. This, however, is not sufficient as far as credentials go and does nothing in terms of bolstering her own candidacy. She's a cheap ploy, and I hope more people can see that.

This is a big deal. Just like Edwards was a big deal. It is especially a big deal to the people who have donated large sums of money to the McCain campaign.

This shows McCain has poor judgement and he will lose the respect of his voters.

This may be something for all of us to ponder...Sarah Palin vs Reality.


I am a lifelong Republican who finally got tired of the religious right. I am now a Democrat and am all for Obama.

Some of these stories about Palin are wierd but where there is smoke there is fire. Frankly, the whole family seems like a bunch of yahoos. I wonder how many junked Chevys are on blocks on the front yard.

I vetted my cat more than McCain vetted Palin.

I was never a Slick Willy fan but let us not forget that the guy went to Yale Law and was a Rhoades Scholar. Obama graduated from Harvard Law and was head of the law review. For those who do not know, they don't give you that one just because you happen to be a black guy.

All very interesting

I really hope the affair is true. The woman is a sham and stands against everything Hillary supporters stand for. Go back to Alaska, redneck.

Why is the press acting like this woman should be a legitimate choice to be a heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world? This is bizarro world. McCain is clearly out of his mind and anyone who thinks she should be VP is either brainwashed or brain damaged.

sarah palin sucks

She is so full of herself, who the hell does she think she is. Maybe she should stay home and keep her eyes on her kids so that they dome whore around and embarass her. Mother of five so what!!! we came from 8 in the older days and those mothers never received any praise. piss on her! I am amazed that republicans are so stupid and blinded that they are so willing to put up with four more years of Republican spending. Can someone help me understand that mentality? Please

couple of days late in response to Itallian Girl. John McCains old fashion values include cheating on his first wife numerous times. Getting a license to marry Cindy before the divorce to his first wife was completed. Finally how can we forget good old fashion values and country first as a member of the Keating 5.

This is starting to look like Jerry Springer could do an entire season on the Palin family escapades!

You libs can't have it both ways....if it's personal and doesn't effect the office for Clinton, then that view must apply to everyone else...stop being hypocrites

Much ado about nothing. Blah blah blah. Who cares?

I think McCain chose her to distract attention from himself and balance the age thing. It's all about what looks good on TV. I hope Americans don't fall for this posturing because that is all it is. McCain is a puppet and will be a puppet to the lobbyists and profit-making interests. He does not have a spine and now hides behing Palin. With McCain and Palin, we will continue this so=called "WAR" for another 100 years. This is not a War and I want our boys home. It's all about making Bush and his friends money. Someone is making money from this "WAR" while our boys are dying. It's not a war and it is not something you win or lose. This is an undesired occupation. But you can make a profit while other people die. And that's what they are doing and that's what Mccain has promised to continue doing.

Sorry but this women is a major handicap for the republicans. Here are her qualifications:
- Running a town of 8000 people, thats like my company HO
- Best executive decision: selling official jet on ebay
- Preaching abstinence yet her own back yard is f'ing like cats and dogs and getting pregnant
- Saying she cancelled bridge when she was the one supporting it
- Against abortion even if due to rape and incest, ugg this one is ugly
- Having a child at 43yrs as she does not use condoms, must be really expensive hear they go for $50 a pop in Alaska
- Birds of the same feather flock together: Potentialy having affair with husbands friend similar to Mcain who had an affair with wifes friend when she became handicapped!!!!
- Zero capacity or experience

Yes the potential next president of the USA!!!

I don't know how but I stumbled on to your web-site.
You are one of the dumbest SOB's I have ever witnessed!
I have never seen a Republican blog be as hateful as yours.
The only satisfaction I have is knowing that you liberal pieces of manure must be awful
shook up to devote that mush attention to one person within a 2 day period.
Obama didn't want Hillary as his VP (but who could blame him what with Bill having to be along
for the ride for 4 years) unless some "accident" ala Vince Foster occurred.
So Barry picks Biden and McCain pulls in the base with a conservative and now Barry and Joe
don't know quite how to handle the girl.
So they get minions such as yourself to "do the dirty work" without any facts.
Just go out and say the worst things you can think up and hope something sticks because
we are screwed must have been the message you got.
Instead of comparing Biden to Sarah they are comparing Sarah's experience to Barry's!
Ouch, that has to hurt.
Then to make it worse Hillary has decided she needs to get Senators elected and make money
to pay off her debt so she won't be helping Barry much.
Obama said we deserved change and change he will get.
Obama will get to go back to the Senate and actually represent Illinois while John McCain
and Sarah Palin go to Washington to work for the people.
It will be fun to watch how far you liberals go and how rabid you will become as you already feel it slipping away.
November 5th you and your ilk will wake up and realize history was made.
We will have the first female VP.
Drink the Kool-Aid my friends and always remember there will be another election.

The comments here seem to be coming from a bunch of lesbian liberals who can't seem to believe that there is a female out there with views of their own that are more mainstream.

I was one of the undecided independant voters. I like to think I make my choice by whats good for the country. I was very disappointed and agree with Karl Rove's comments on Meet the Press when he thought Obama was going to pick his VP just to get the Virgina vote, so I was pleased Obama picked someone I think would be a good president.

When McCain picked a VP with her qualifications, if left me sad and very disappointed. I was hoping he would pick a VP that I would be comfortable having as our president. He let me down, and let America down. I will vote for Obama.

I don't doubt it at all. She's a dirty girl. A real Alaskan Eskimo S-l-u-t. She'd have a good career as a porn star - I can hear the movie trailer playing - "After 8 long years finally something's being done in Washington....It's hot enough to melt the Arctic ice cap and getting hotter...- From the award winning producers who brought you Veep S-L-U-T-S, MooseHumper and Bristol does Alaska; Sarah Polewhore Palin and McDult productions bring you the all the action from the polls to the poles .....straight to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Tales from the ORAL Office......"


Does the above comment, by He He He, make you feel sad?
Thanks for a reply,

Typical liberal sicophant. The National Enquirer..wow..good source.

"Naturally the McCain campaign is calling the story a "vicious lie." That's always the first response, so I don't give the denial much credence. "

What a moronic comment..let's see..its not true so they should what?? not deny it?

You're a brain dead socialist and should be ashamed of yourself. Go back to pot farming and leave them alone.

I hear you have been accused of cheating on your taxes, child molesting and many other things..please don't deny it because if you do then it must be true.

Sheesh..same old liberal crap..

Palin is nothing more than a provincial red-neck hillbilly.

Get a look at the Wasilla town hall - I can only imagine the executive experience she acquired: http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/9/2/93849/80978

Roger, no, the comment doesn't make feel sad. Actually, it made me smile a bit.

I said in my first post about Sarah Palin (regarding her hotness) that several photos of her reminded me of potential porn movie scenes.

This commenter was thinking along the same lines. Guess minds in the gutter think alike.

This must be an Obama Marxist web site.I can tell by the way most of you have been talking about Sarah, I think you are confusing her with your own MOTHERS. Whore etc. You liberals are SICK. I'm glad that most of you ignorant bastards don't vote. You just like to rant. Sarah will be the next Veep and in 4 years the first woman pres. Just wait & see. All your lies will backfire on you vulgar degenerates.

Brian and Laurel, do you have normal fact-finding skills at all? I doesn't take me long to find truth on the internet. I mean, the FACTS, sort of like I'm finding out how many moons Jupiter has. And I certainly don't look for it on smear slugs like dailykos. I'm a science teacher, a family historian, a 61 year old normal Democrat who is blown away by what passes for truth these days.
No political affiliation has commandeered my logical brain and common sense. And no religion would do that to me either, by the way.

As an educator, I am particularly appalled at your level of discourse here. There isn't any, not even a shred of effort to search truth. I don't get it. Just a collection of slanderers. Again, as a Democrat, I still believe in decency, character, and integrity. There's none of that here.

Well, Good luck in your endeavor here. Life is fleeting. Consider how you are investing yours. Sarah will do just fine without you, I'm sure. But you just might be missing out.

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