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August 04, 2008


I also have a pond that attracts snakes. The regulars get names like Barak. Brian might name them M.S., short for Michael Savage, or Victoria.

Anyway, they seem to be attracted to the water which is scarce around here at times or maybe they are interested in the rodents that are interested in the water.

I am also a real man, having once bench-pressed 75 lbs. in my prime, but I'm not real thrilled with snakes either. I'm not one to march up to a snake and grab it like one of my macho buddies. I use a net on the end of a long pole to scoop up the snake and put it on the other side of the wall.

So far, we have had only one small rattlesnake. Mostly, we have king and gopher snakes which are beneficial which is why I just put them over the wall. One time a nice king snake got tangled in some netting we put down to keep critters off some plants near the pond and it strangled itself. Never did find the head. Just the four foot long body which I held by the tail and chased the kids around a little bit. Haw Haw.

Today Barak proposed a windfall profit tax on the oil companies to give everyone $1,000 to offset energy costs.

Bill O'Reilly proposed on his TV show today a 2% tax on the oil companies' profits to subsidise heating oil costs for the poor. He really hates the oil companies.

Who's the bigger liberal. Bill or Barak? You decide.

I just found this site googling for snakes in the pond pump. Our pond pump failed today quite suddenly and when my husband pulled it out there was a large snake protruding from the bottom - YUCK is definitely the word! I dread the thought of digging it out with a tool. Tomorrow we will try to dismantle the pump. The first time this has happened after enjoying the pond for several years.

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