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August 30, 2008


See Samantha Bee's comment on the Daily Show. As a proud "vagina-American" she plans to vote for Sarah Polin.

That vouge cover is photoshopped, not real.

joose, thanks for the info. Correction has been made. Fooled me -- cover was nicely faked. It seems there was a story about her in Vogue, but she wasn't on the cover. See quote in:

(this story says she admits to using marijuana, and inhaling, while pot was legal in Alaska, so that's one of the few pluses for Palin)

Sarah Palin is the change we need in Washington. She's a reformer and will shake up the good old boys.

She'll throw even more weight behind the folks who are trying to degrade the separation of church and state. I am adamantly against her views on most things it turns out -- most issues of substance. She's anti-environment, anti-choice, etc etc etc.

Nope, doesn't matter that she's got internal gonads and boobs, she is a throwback and needs to stay out of office.

Besides, with McCain's health problems and age, she could end up president. My god, that would suck.

So what's wrong with a good looking woman as a pol. There are many women who swoon over Bill Clinton. Was there a video montage like this of him? There certainly wasn't one of Hillary!

BTW, message to OBama: Did you notice that when she saluted the flag she placed her hand over her heart, not in front of his crotch.

I am really beginning to wonder if Michael Savage is correct when he asserts that John McBush is deliberatly throwing the election.
And for what reason is not even of interest.
Personally, I like her and agree with most of her positions.
But V.P????!!!!!!
We need a 3rd party BAD!!
I'm sick of this pathetic, anemic election season already.
There is only one group more pityful than our two front runners, and that is US, the REAL losers in the end.
Can I just go back to work now?
I'll take bees over knuckleheads anyday!

Hey Hines, she's got more leadership experience than young Barry.

Why is it assumed that Palin is WRONG just because YOU don't agree with her. I have watched hot HOT Obama bin Biden looks in his shorts on the beach for 2 years now. We had to look at BS "Candid" Beach shots of this traitor's pecs since the last DNC Convention. For 8 years it was what a ladies man Billary Clinton was. So why the attack on Palin? Typical Leftist Hypocracy. It almost makes me want to register Republican. They're not much better, but they don't lie like the War Mongering Anti-Civil Rights Slave Owning KKK Party Demoncrats

Damn! I would love to be the male-equivalent Monica Lewinsky to that bitch!

Id pick the corn out of her pooh. And id love to let her ride my pork sword any day of the week. So what if she smoked mary jane?
Didn't we all in the 80's? Plus she is Pro Gun and thats damn sexy too.

I see in her selection a continuation of the dumbing down of America. So now the big criteria to be president is to be ordinary and hot? The right wing talks about how she's like anybody else (who won a beauty contest or cared to enter one for that matter) and that makes her at the head of the line to govern this country. How come? When did it become bad to understand international issues and constitutional law? Maybe when a certain group only wanted leaders who could pose and they would take care of the leading behind the scenes. Well, she's got the posing down and enough Americans who don't bother to be informed (read above commenters and most know only what the right wing radio and fox tell them). Is this happening because of reality tv? What is making Americans so lazy that they don't inform themselves about the issues, about the pasts of their candidates, that they want to be told how to vote and don't bother them with the details? I am amazed. I thought after Bush people had learned something... apparently not


OK, young lady....

There is nothing wrong with dumbing down of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. There is nothing wrong with being a STUPID PERSON!!!!

I'm stupid, and proud of it. It's my god given right. My membership in "BRAINDEAD CITIZENS of AMERICA" is one that I take much pride in.

Our motto,
"Stupid is as Stupid does" ....oh what spendid wonder.....

Therefore, young lady, show a little respect, and try to be a little nicer.

What if Obama had picked a good-looking white woman as running mate? Wouldn't that ruffle a lot of feathers?

lol roger, been a long time since i was called young lady :) Thanks


65 years old is now the new 35 years old.
So, girl, you are a fun happening 35 year old youngster.

I enjoy reading your comments, so keep up the good work.........


TOTALLY wrong and it is the old sexism that focuses on looks and mommy than issues and facts, BTW...

So, while this is probably ‘mean’ of me tell me this---Palin’s sister and bro-in-law, Heather and Kurt Bruce, have a 13 year old special needs son, and yet Palin slashed the special ed programs by 62%????? Wasn’t he in one of those classrooms?? Her own nephew??? She cuts funding for her nephew’s education? My kids better hurry up and finish theirs!! Is that a true fact?


Sarah Palin is scarrrrrrrry!

How come she hasn't given an interview by HERSELF. I think if she speaks without John Mc Bush, the Alaska ignorance will become unveiled. The Dem are campaigning seperately, How come she isn't.

Her views are not mainstream at all!!! If you noticed on the campaign trail with John Mc Bush, she keeps repeating the same words and or speech she gave at the RNC... go figure.

ok Sara Palin is hot thats all that matters and ima chick n shes hot omg shes hot!did i mention shes hot?

"Creationism: favors teaching it.
Global climate change: denies humans are a cause.
Abortion: rejects it even in cases of rape or incest.
Polar bears: who cares?"

Hines, you are completly wrong.

Beleving in Creationism does not mean you will push it on others.
Global warming - It is not man made - look at Mars, did we do that as well??? There are cycles in life and the earth. Get over global warming.

Come on, these are the Democrat talking points, how about coming up with something original???

I guess not.

very funny indeed.
I found your blog...., searching for the sentence Palin is Hot.
It looks we had exactly the same idea, lol.
I am a 51 year old ( portuguese) , male.
By the way : I also have beard. Strange but true.

She is hot, was a governor, balanced a budget, she is hot, has an 80+% approval rating in AK, likes guns and can shoot them, she is hot and took on the GOP in her Home State and won, plus she is hot.

A hot conservative irks some lib women. I am appalled at the response of some women I know to her candidacy.

I already voted via absentee ballot.

Go Sarah!!!

Errrr....I mean go McCain/Pallin.

(Libs don't seem to understand that an Al-Qaeda type would cut YOUR head off just as fast as he would an Independent [such as myself] or a GOP-er. Naive much?)

How you feeling about Sarah being wrong now?

Nobama is a complete joke. Sarah would have been just fine not to mention smokin' hot.

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