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August 06, 2008


Brian says: "He's just playing political games, per usual."

Of course McCain plays political games. He's a politician. What gets me is people think Obama is above this. How about Obama recently proposing a windfall profits tax on the oil companies' profits to give everyone a $1000 energy rebate? That's called trying to buy votes. Others would call it a bribe.

Look, I know McCain doesn't walk on water, but neither does Obama who has my respect in one regard...he is a very slick politician to be able to make so many think he can.

And just when I was starting to feel goofy, I see that someone else is close to their tire gauge!
Well my tire gauge tells me that Abummer is full of hot air and the American public is starting to wake up to the fact.
The polls agree.
Unfortunatly for all of us, this leaves us with McBush.
But, that is the task; sort out the best of the worst and cast your thoughtful vote.
The tire gauge comments by Abummer are a continuation of his cluelessness and lack of answers for our future. He has no answers or solutions to our nations major problems other than to check your tire pressure.
Like it or not, Abummer is the mirror image of GWB. A puppet of his party. His only goal is to get elected.
Hopefully we will have some real choices next time,,If there is a next time...

First, people need to know that they need to properly inflate their tires when the tire is cold. Otherwise, you risk a blow out and perhaps injuring or killing a life because the pressure will read much higher when the tire is warm.

I have my doubts with the competence of America's motorists.

People want magical, no cost to them solutions and that's what McCain offers. Anybody who speaks to the American people as though they were responsible adults will probably lose which says a lot more about the majority of Americans than about the politicians. Give them Britney and Paris in an ad and your ratings will go up-- even more so Charlton Heston pretending to be Moses. I think McCain should use Mickey Mouse next.

Harry, obviously it isn't true, as you said, that Obama's sole energy policy is to check your tire pressure.

Take a look at his comprehensive energy/oil policies. They make a lot of sense.

Some of you might be amused (or infuriated) by the following: http://blog.beliefnet.com/stevenwaldman/2008/08/mccain-ad-suggesting-obama-is.html

Brian's second cousin (once removed) also presented a nice "political ad" as well.

Robert Paul Howard

Sorry for the off-topic response, Brian but I'm rather bored with this entire lose - lose situation the voters find themselves in.
So anyway, GREAT Dobbie Brothers concert at the Oregon Gardens this evening in Silverton.
Liz and I rocked out with a packed house.
The band kicked ass.
The sound system was good.
It is so great to live in theis free country and be able to go to an outdoor concert if we chose.
There were no suicide obombers, no IEDs in the ditches, no bullets or granades to dodge like much of the rest of this world.
Who will we chose to carry this wonderful nation forward for our grandchildren?
A fwe short years after this election, will we be kicking ourselves for making the most irresponsible choice of our lifetime?
This is not American Idol.
Anyway, Liz & I can say that we went to a rock concert this year.
Wish you were there!

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