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August 18, 2008


It's not even surprising that they would go on so. Just tiresome.

In the conservative/neoconservative world, nothing ever fails because it's a bad idea. It fails because someone stabbed them in the back, undermined them, and stack the deck. Of course, they will claim this injury whilst stabbing everyone else in the back, undermining everyone else, and stacking the deck in their favor, and being willfully blind about the whole thing.

Although they've been doing it so long now that maybe it's not willful anymore. Maybe it's just in the conservative DNA now.

If it weren't so tragic it would be to laugh, also, that the label "socialist" is used to create boogiemen ... just like it was, oh, thirty years ago, when people thought socialism was just some soft sort of communism. Tragic because so many people are willing to be gulled by it.

Driving a truckload of bees back from Madras this evening and listening to the ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra, left wing views on KGO, I heard an interesting point:
The caller said that in his view, in almost all instances where abortion is brought up, it is for the purpose of dividing rather than to seek a solution.
This seems like the obvious, but we have become a nation of pointless bickerers and finger pointers.
I do not place the blame on the "right" or the "left" but rather the ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra, right or left nuckleheads that fuel this stuff.
One thing I really enjoyed in the Land Use Fairness hearings was listening to the folks from the other side and trying to understand their position.
My conclusion is that almost all of those that spoke at the hearings just wanted to place a house on the corner of their property for their son or daughter to help out.
Unfortunatly for them, they were taking REALLY bad advice from OIA along with,,thats right,, the ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra, knucleheaded right wing goof balls.
While waiting to enter the hearing room at one of the Land Use Fairness hearings, I overheard a most telling conversation:
So here is a 50s gal with the beehive hair do, the boob-job, the pancake batter face, and the "I love M-37" sticker etc....
She was bragging to a seething, frothing, angry circle that she had decided to turn her farm into a trailer park.
"By God that'll show them!"
She was moving forward on converting her farm to a trailer park. And in listening in on her remarks, I could only list one reason for her doing so; to show THEM"
I think that we should wise up and not focus so much on our reasonable differences in point of view, but rather target extremism.
It is pretty easy to spot if your only interest is finding a basis for truth.

Um, I could be wrong, but it probably wasn't anything in the NY Times they were talking about. It was more likely this document directly from the UN that says that private land ownership should not be allowed, and in the event that it is allowed, any value in the land should be taxed out of it...


P.S., Reading an archive of a highly editorialized newspaper is not the same as doing research...

P.P.S. No, I and not a "Republican" I am an independent. The reason Pelosi didn't impeach Bush is because, in the end, they are on the same team.

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