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July 31, 2008


If you decide you'd like to ride in town, please join us for Breakfast on Bikes, Salem's bikey breakfast on the last Friday of each Month. Visit the blog @ breakfastonbikes.blogspot.com for more information! The more cyclists there are, the easier it is to argue for safety and infrastructure improvements!

If the government is going to require people to wear helmets on bikes, why not require helmets when driving as most auto fatalities are due to head trauma and there are many more auto fatalities than bike fatalities. In fact I am going to propose legislation that every driver and passenger must wear a kevlar body suit in addition to a helmet. We'll put another tax on cigarettes and liquor to pay for them. Let those bad smokers and drinkers foot the bill. They deserve it for being so stupid! Third violation for not wearing your body suit...five years in the slammer.

Seriously though, it is amazing how the head flops around even in low speed bike crashes. I was cruising easily with a friend when his wheel got stuck in a rut. He flew over the handle bars and landed on his head. His helmet was cracked but not his skull.

It's an adult decision whether you wear one or not. We don't need the government meddling and micro-managing our lives to that extent.

The problem with any government regulations for safety is when it comes up against what we personally like to do... They have more comfortable helmets but if someone doesn't want them for bicycles, what about dirt bikes or motorcycles, what about auto seat belts which might not be important at 25 mph or might be...

Rain said: "The problem with any government regulations for safety is when it comes up against what we personally like to do... "

--Exactly. There are situations where a bike helmet is not absolutely necessary as Mr. Hines described. There may be some risk, but shouldn't that be up to him as an adult to decide? It's his skull. Let him decide what to do with it. Same with seatbelts.

This control of our lives has crept into modern cars. Sometimes when it's hot I want to sit in my car with the door open for air circulation and listen to the radio (Michael Savage of course) while I'm waiting for somebody. The damn car won't let me do it by continuously sounding an alarm to keep me from leaving the key in the ignition. By trying to help they're messing me up. Leave me alone to make my own mistakes. I'm a big boy.

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