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June 13, 2008


Thanks for the hat tip, Brian. I usually think product marketing ideas, slogans and whatnot are shallow ploys, but as we discussed there really are objective reasons to prefer ours.

Did you know the Swiss make a surprisingly huge amount of wine? I bet not. You know why? THEY DRINK IT ALL. 9 out of 10 bottles of Swiss wine never make it across the border, because they know a good thing and keep it to themselves. And you make an excellent point, implicitly: if we were to eat enough, we wouldn't have to market it to other states. Come on--3 million people can't eat 5,000 acres of strawberries? That would still be well off peak levels when my sister was picking them, but at that level the industry would at least be sustainable I bet.

I must confess however that the softest spot in my Oregon fruit heart is definitely for the northwest Bing or Ranier cherry. I will sell the clothes off my back if someone will take me to a stand, during a break from knocking on doors in Hood River for Bus Project. And next month will be our annual family trip to deflower a few trees singlehandedly. The last two years we've pulled down over 20lbs...and they don't last. :) (We give some away, like $25 bags of cherries that cost us $5 to pick. A surprisingly good and near-universal gift.)

Eat Oregon!

Great post, thanks for keeping this type of information in the public mind.


I was at my favorite fruit stand (Greens Bridge on Jefferson-Scio Rd) and picked up a mixed crate of berries today. They were offering 4 different varieties.

They grow so many different varieties, they will have strawberries for (probably) a month or more - depends some on the weather. Before they're gone the cane berries will start, and again, they have lots of different varieties.

It's a real taste treat to eat one, then another, then one from that box, and one from over here, and try to decide which tastes best. One thing my Dad and I agreed on, it wasn't the prettiest one that tasted the best. But, they were all better than the California berries someone had brought to a recent potluck.

Greens Bridge also has fruit trees - several different black cherries and Royal Annes, peaches, pears, etc... and the occasional vegetable too.

I've never left there with just what I went for. I just can't pass up the fresh produce.

They don't pay me to say these things. ;>

Olson Farms.
Head east on Mission St which will end up as HWY 22.
At the top of the hill is the Joseph St Exit.
Take a left and drive under the HWY and there you are.
Best Quality, flavor and selection, IMHO.
Peaches, blueberrys, cherrys, strawberries, apples, honey, etc.....
Tell them that Vanderpool sent you for a special 0% off.

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