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March 07, 2008


First off, Carlson isn't the chair. It's Brenano. But don't let that stop you from kissing her butt every chance you get for always voting your way on land use decisions. Second, this is simply a move by the democrat party (and their allies like Friends of Marion County) to expand their influence on the county commission by increasing their chances to be elected. But that probably won't happen unless the county is broken up into districts based on population, with at least two of those being in the Salem area. That's the only way it will happen.

This is a pretty thin disguise. Good governance = demorat control. Gee, who could have a problem with that? It just makes good sense, right?

Carlson was the chair in 2007. I gather they switched chairs in 2008. If so, I stand corrected.

Sure, Friends of Marion County wants to see better representation of the citizens on the board of commissioners. How is that a bad thing?

In Clackamas County, the move from three to five passed with well over 60% voter approval, if I remember correctly. And that county isn't a hotbed of Democrat progressivism.

I don't see this as a political issue, though it has political overtones. More decision makers means better decisions, because alternative views have to be considered more carefully.

Groupthink isn't good. And that's more likely to happen when a group of two rules, rather than three.

So what happens when three people gang up on the minority two? Should we then expand to seven, so a majority of four can oppress a minority of three? The larger the board becomes, the more people end up being oppressed in a minority. :)

Don't worry, I know that's ridiculous logic, and it's sure not something I'll hang my hat on. But the facts are there will always be a majority and minority on decisions. At Marion County, those seem to switch around, depending on the issue. The benefit of a three commissioner board is they are not allowed to deliberate amongst themselves outside a public meeting because it would constitute a "majority." If you expand to five, you allow two commissioners to meet secretly, craft an agenda and pursue a result without the benefit of public oversight. We saw how that all went down in Multnomah County. Not pretty, regardless of how you feel about their politics. Government in ANY form is going to be imperfect at best, but moving from three to five is going to lead to a lot more infighting and a definite lack of public oversight. Sure, "Friends of Marion County" might benefit in the short term on a couple of land use decisions, but it all depends on whose ox is getting gored. When the worm turns, what happens when they are get more government than they bargained for?

I agree with both of you.
Rather than risk ending up with two more knuckleheads, lets just use the election process to replace the two that we already have.....

Putin and Bush are seated in a restaurant.
The waiter approaches the table and says, "I am ready to take your order".
Putin says, "I'll take steak".
"And as for the vegetable?" the waiter asks.
Putin replies, "Oh, he'll take steak also".

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