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March 19, 2008


I have found the Way, and the Truth, and the Light, and it's Obama !!!

I'm excited. This sold out fast, which is surprising for old apathetic Salem. I'll be coming from Corvallis.

It's hard not to see the attraction. Hope, Change. Who is against Hope or Change? Not me, and you can have Hope for Change if you follow this bright, charismatic, dynamic speaker's lead.

However, if we look beyond the attractive package for a moment, we might remember this election is about actual issues. What are we hoping for and what is this "change" pro-Obamas are so excited about?

Obama represents something very familiar: Government as a permanent, inefficient, out of control crutch. Obama, according to the voting record, is THE most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate.

With Obama you get a naivete about foreign policy, a radical on abortion (It's OK to run a drill into the skull of a baby well into the third trimester), opposition to the most reasonable pullbacks on the Supreme Court's inappropriate lawmaking. You get someone who will pull the troops out of Iraq "immediately" with no mind paid to the consequences to our allies in the region and our own security. He won't be able to do that anyway, so that is a rhetorical false promise. He willingly associates with a hate-spouting "reverend" who demonizes white America whose "chickens have come home to roost" in the form of 911.

Obama is all about feel-good talk and no substance, but the chief role of the office he seeks is not to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. The president protects and defends the Constitution. He is commander in chief of the armed forces. He is not an entertainer.

Obama has the audacity to present himself as one blessed with such personal greatness that history has anointed him with the capacity to make sweeping changes in this hour of need.

His campaign is a gimmick, based on a slick, charming, charismatic presentation of the old standard campaign slogans of hope and change. This guy is smooth as silk and people are drinking the Kool-aid like the followers of Jim Jones. But what you will get is someone who wants to grow a government that already is too big and out of control, wildly spending money we don't have and selling this debt to the Chinese.

Get out and make your own life better and don't rely on Obama's promises to do it for you. Work, succeed and be happy.

Thanks for telling the truth about the liberal looser Obama, high taxes,no security hate America, just wonderful.

Based on how "Martin" spelled loser, and his general lack of proper English usage (I assume his native language) I think I'll vote for Obama.

Ocelot (cool name!):

Sometimes education is a barrier to seeing the truth.

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