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March 05, 2008


I am so proud of Barrack Obamma I feel it would be a serious mistake if the USA does not have him as President in 2009. Hillary Clinton portrays his/ herself as a woman but is far short of being one, she dresses like a man,talks like a man and acts like a man so I truly believe she would like to be a man. She/he is so full of Hillary she herself does not know which GENDER she is. I hope with all my heart(one of those things Hillary lacks) that Barrack becomes President in 2009, I know he will be ready on that first day to become Commander and Chief.

I'd be leery of having Hillary as a veep if I was Obama. I don't trust them nor their do anything attitude to gain power. There will be a lot of pressure on both of them to accept the other as veep but to me it'd be a mistake for either

Power and greed dictate outcomes in non-reality, NOT conscience.

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