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February 26, 2008


"And Obama is the best bet to do the same for the United States. Not a slam dunk, but the point spread is way in his favor."....

It is astonishing to me that people say this without any rational basis for it. This guy is becoming a religio/cult figure on charisma and people's imagination. Bring out the Kool-aid. They have such mad, frothing hate for Bush that they are ready to annoint someone their savior from Bush policies many of which, I agree, suck. But is this a reason to believe in Obama?

How are we going to pay for what Obama proposes?...I know, tax the hell out of people with high incomes because it is their obligation to support those who don't. Besides, they're rich and can afford it and everyone knows rich people are bad, greedy folks who prey on the little guy and deserve to take it in the posterior big time because that is what they have been doing to other people. What goes around comes around..rich guy.

We need a candidate who believes in the bumper sticker...Annoy a liberal: Work, Succeed, Be Happy.

There's always going to be winners and losers. No government, or Saint Obama will ever solve that.

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