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February 14, 2008


Other Lenovo IdeaPad users might also be wondering why they should keep the logical "D" drive on their system.

I've talked with Lenovo tech support twice about this. I was told that the main reason to keep a smallish "C" drive and a large logical "D" drive is because the one-button restore function won't restore all the files that came with the computer if the "C" drive becomes the only drive.

But I use BounceBack software and an external hard drive for backup. So I can restore everything in an emergency. Also, pushing the "restore" button only restores what came with the computer. I'd have to reinstall other programs and backed-up data.

So I just deleted the logical "D" drive, following these instructions:

The only glitch, which wasn't a big deal, is that I wasn't able to extend the size of the "C" drive until a double delete occurred. That is, after I deleted the "D" partition (making sure nothing was in it), "free space" replaced it and the "C" drive remained at 29 GB.

So I then deleted the "free space." That resulted in one large "C" drive of 218 GB, which is what I wanted. (15 GB is still allotted for a partition that contains the software, including Windows, that came with the computer; it can't be deleted, to my knowledge.)

I don't know what most of the things are that you talked about concerning your TV and computer problems, and I have satellite TV, DVD player and computers like you do. For every process on this computer I know how to do, there are probably ten that I don't.

I also have a cell phone and I don't know how to operate many of the functions on it.

Same goes for the watch I'm wearing. It's hard to remember the correct combination of buttons to push to change a function after months of not using them.

I could go on the same way about the fax machine, the digital camera, the printer, the satellite navigation system and up-graded radio in the car, the automatic timer for the swimming pool pump, the multiple functions on the cordless phone and answering machine and probably some other things I can't even remember I have right now. I don't have the patience or time to go through instruction manuals whenever I hit an impasse operating these things, so I yell for my teenage son who within moments has the problem solved. Are these kids born with some mutant gene that enables them to instinctively do all this stuff?

It has been determined that I am a somewhat intelligent person. I seem to learn and comprehend most things without much difficulty. My IQ was tested at 121, 136, and 138 on different occasions. Yet I can't operate all these fucking gadgets in my life.

It seems like technology has made life so much better and so much worse.

There was a time, and some people still live this way, when a person knew how to make, fix or get most everything they used in their life. Now you need a specialist for everything because no one can know how to fis or make everything they use in life. It used to be you needed a doctor. Then things advanced to where you needed a specialist, then a team of specialists. Now the specialists have assistants and the assistants have assistants.

I don't know what I'm getting at. Are we any happier because of all this?

Seems like the hunter-gatherers were pretty happy just spearing a fish and heading back to camp to eat it.

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