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January 27, 2008


That's cute but I won't be giving up my digital camera for it. I went through movie camera stage and then the 8mm or whatever they were when my kids were growing up, now have boxes of them with no place to use them.

Have you thought about msn messenger or yahoo for communicating with your granddaughter? With an inexpensive webcam on both ends (mine is Creative and under $50) and your computer, you can talk live to her which is more than just watching a video. I use my webcam with friends when we 'chat' sometimes just to make it more real but with your granddaughter, it'd have her familiar with you as she grows up.

Neat, but you were pretty brave to take your new thingy out in the rain. I'd suggest planning the videos ahead to avoid dead looking frogs in a birthday video. I really did like the Budda looking froggy though.

Rain, excellent suggestion. My new Lenovo laptop has a built-in webcam and I want my daughter to get one -- for just the purpose you describe: face to face interaction with my daughter and her family (especially granddaughter) in Hollywood.

Dee, my beloved Flip Video was sheltered under an umbrella. I never thought about the rain, though. Should have. I'm so used to taking photos with my waterproof Olympus Stylus camera, I've stopped thinking about rain protection.

Thanks a lot, Uncle Brian, for giving me yet another gadget for which to yearn. I find it hard to believe we are not blood related sometimes, as I must have inherited my love of gadgetry from someone. We were recently discussing getting a video recorder, so we'll have to look into this a little more. I like the idea of simplicity. I wonder if it works on Macs? I loved the Birthday video, even though some parts verged on animal cruelty ;-)

So I got my flip video and I have to say I LOVE it! I'm not big on technology but it is so easy to use. Dad- I just read your instructions on uploading to AOL so I'll attempt to upload 3 cute videos I took of Evelyn. I'm going to take my flip video to a superbowl party today in hopes of getting some good footage of some crazy beer bongs (or crying baby) but except lots of cool videos! Thanks Dad, great gift!!

Brook, the Flip does work with Macs. I'm not sure if all of the video editing software does, though. You might have to use iMovie, or whatever it's called -- which surely is better than the minimal Flip Video editing software anyway.

Celeste, glad you're enjoying your new toy. Yes, upload those granddaughter videos. And whatever embarrassing Super Bowl party shots you get today. Blackmail is a nice way to use the camera: "Give me X, and I won't upload this to You Tube."

Be sure to check out my new video creation:
Adding music to a video is easy (once I figured out how to convert iTunes files to MP3), and adds another layer to a video.

P.S. I just ordered some Flip Video accessories. Underwater case will come in handy next time it rains in Oregon (like, right now). Filming yesterday, water kept getting on the case, which worried me a bit. It works underwater too.

Also got the USB connection cables. The camera barely fits on one USB port on my laptop. It'll be handier to use the cables sometimes, when I have other USB stuff already plugged in.

Lastly, I put in Energizer Lithium AA batteries, as Flip Video recommends for longer battery life. They're spendy, but seemingly worth it, given how much longer they last. And naturally this reduces the chance of "Oh, no, my batteries are dead."

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