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December 30, 2007


I couldn't agree more - it surely must be on its way out, let's hope. I would guess this policy is targeted primarily at young people who are often time-rich and cash-poor. But the effect definitely drives my paying business elsewhere, and with my wife and I my average purchase is probably closer to $7.00.

In Brea, CA, I was in a Borders bookstore that actually posted signs in the book cafe that said, "no studying allowed at tables." I mean, its a bookstore after all - who would read educational books there?

The real question I suppose is, what is the return on investment for this approach? For every monthly $30.00 fee and/or $9.95 session, how many $4.00 average purchases are driven elsewhere? I think the math must be in their favor, or they wouldn't have kept it up for this long...But, I know in the years of working from my laptop, I've never been desperate enough to pay the outrageous fee.

That is unbelievably high and surprised me to read it as everywhere I have seen wi-fi, it's been free to customers. When they come in, Starbucks drives a lot of small coffee houses out of business; so I am not sorry to hear they might lose customers over this greediness.

I think you should have your facts straight. Starbucks does not drive other coffee shops out of business; quite the contrary. They spur on competetiveness and quite frankly have been good for the mom and pop coffee shops. To go even further, before latte's, cappucino and coffe of the day existed, where did you get your daily coffee? It was a rare sight to have more than a few coffee places, which really were not frequented by the average person. Starbucks has done much to launch coffee into the stratsophere.

There have been some articles written recently supporting my position. Google the phrase and you will come up with several pieces.

Before you villify Starbucks for their "corporate greed", consider that they provide health and dental insurance for ALL of their employees, regardless of the amount of hours they work. They also have profit sharing benefits. This is quite something for young kids who otherwise would do without.

Very true ,but you can load up some money on starbucks gift card and then you sign up for free conection,like I've done!

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