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December 26, 2007


According to a letter from Polk County my 37 rights are distroyed by 49, period. My understanding is Ms. English's land is in Metro...

and as far a a crying baby...plezzeee Brian you are one of the biggest I've ever heard whine.

The 'health and safty' issues are generally a catch all for those of your ilk. It's just another way for you to grab your neighbors dirt. You really should just shut up and buy a view easement from your neighbor since that's really all you're concerned about.

I certanly hope your holiday season has been as badly mangled by Oregon's Land use garbage as has mine. My family and I are now struggling to have any kind of holiday and I can lay that at the feet of you and your ilk.

May you reap 1000 time what you've sown.

debbie, if you have a Measure 37 claim, Measure 49 gives you 1-3 home sites, no questions asked. So, no, your rights haven't been "destroyed, period." What you said is false.

If you were entitled to 4-10 home sites when you bought your property, Measure 49 gives you that too. You just have to show that you've lost value because of a land use regulation.

So, here also, your rights haven't been "destroyed, period." What you said is false. It bothers me when people like you spout untruths. Read your letter over again. In another comment, quote the part where your rights are taken away, period.

Oh, can't do that? I'm not surprised. Put up or shut up with the "rights destroyed, period" stuff. This isn't what Measure 49 does, and it's time for Measure 37 claimants and Oregonians in Action to start telling the truth.


You are correct about M49 providing for 1-3 home sites. M49 does not allow for 4-10 home sites because the formula used to show lost value is designed to fail. My info is from a CPA who ran hundereds of analysis on M37 claims and never found one claim that could show loss of value.

M49 also allows 1-3 homes in ground water restricted areas but none in cities or UGB's. This does not make sense. I would like to have seen zero building in ground water restricted areas.

Dorothy English can not build the 8 homes she requested on her M37 claim since her property is high value forest and therefore under 49, ineligible for the 4-10 option. She may qualify for 1-2 homes via the express option of M49.

The issue of what is vested rights should have been addressed in M49 and therefore millions of wasted dollars will be spent for
litigation and The courts will be clogged for years which is a lawyers dream come true.


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