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December 16, 2007


Several years ago, after our kids had all flown the coop, we had a discussion about this.
We decided that every year we would decide between ourselves, how or if we would celebrate Christmas.
When the kids were home it was the full blown nine yards. We had a blast with it all each and every year.
But after the kids left, we decided to cancel Christmas for a year.
That was all it took to open our eyes.
The celebration or participation OF ANY EVENT should be based on a conscience decision of all envolved.
Otherwise, why are you doing it?!!
After several years of zero Christmas envolvment, we now see the masses emslaved to the machine and totally unawares.
Again this year: no cards, no party, no presents, no tree, no lights......
What will happen in our lives on Dec 25?
Normal activity consistant with the rest of the year.
Christmas is great! We love it!
But we are adults and have free wills just as God planned it.
Out of respect for him, we use our free will to chose and direct our efforts.
Brian, my advice to you is to go cold turkey. This is the only way to figure it all out in short order.
Now, we have already DECIDED (did you catch that word) that when the grandchildren are of a certain age we MAY rev it back up so that they can enjoy all of the fun that we did.
The key factor is that it is a desicion, not enslavement.
For those of you that decide to celebrate Christmas; I hope you, your family and friends have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! God bless you all!

We unplugged a few years back, sending out certificates of "you don't need to send us anything, you are free, we aren't celebrating christmas" to all of our family.

We still get a smattering of cards, and folks want us to host christmas parties, but otherwise we are left in peace.

I did get a couple small presents for The Wife, but I would have bought them anyway, so am just delaying giving them to her a week and a half.

I'm envious. Our kids are grown and no grands in sight, so hubby & I want to avoid the hubbub and stress that has become 'Christmas in America'.

We normally buy what we need/want as it arises - I handed hubby a reciept for the new bed we hadn't had time to shop for, and said Merry Christmas - it was a great gift because he hates to shop.

We (mostly hubby) like a tree, so we have a fake one. Takes all of 30 minutes to set up, spray with eau de pine tree, and sit back and watch the lights flash. But that is all we want to do to acknowledge the holiday.

Every couple of years a relative decides they will make a 10 hr drive (sometimes through ice or snow) to spend the holiday with us. They never hear that we don't do anything special for the day. Once they get here it is like an outside force invades our lives and takes over our home.

We go from the simplicity of enjoying a day off and a chance to reflect on the past year, to a massive meal requiring 2 days prep and 20 minutes to eat. Other visitors appear to see the out-of-towners. All of a sudden there are presents to buy for people we rarely see and whose tastes we don't know or share. Kinda takes the meaning of the season and radically twists it.

But it does give me a chance to rearrainge the furniture to make more space, visit with people seldom seen, and look forward to next year's promise of a quiet day. ;>

I don't mind the lights, in fact, I enjoy them. I don't like Christmas songs and decorations in stores in October. I am not a Christian, but I don't mind exchanging "Merry Christmas" with people as long as it is within a week or so of Christmas. All this PC crap about avoiding the word "Christmas" and calling a Christmas tree, a 'holiday tree' is BS. It's Christmas and a tradition in this country. Let it be. It's like people try to be offended.

What really bothers me is the compulsory gift giving. I don't mind giving, it's just hard to know what to give. When I know what to give, I give it, any time of year.

Thanksgiving is easier and more enjoyable. Not all the build-up and hoop-la. It's a one or two day deal. Everyone gets together, eats a big meal and parties. Then it's over with. As it should be.

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