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November 20, 2007


Amen Dave !!! Run for election to represent your State. We'll gather more people in all 50 states, have them run for election and take our country back. We can make a contract with America. We will honor the Constitution. For starters,No more outrageous salaries and benefits for life, even after serving only one term.

Thanks for your reply to my comment on OBEs. I agree that we're better off for what science does, but what interests me is how scientists are the priesthood and we, the lowly shlubs, must depend on their findings for our happiness and contentment.

There may be nothing wrong with this arrangement and I'm not suggesting there is. I'm just making a distinction between what I've found out for myself to be untrue and what I've been told by others is true. I can't really know what's true because change is constant and unpredictable and yesterday's truth is not necessarily today's. But scientific truths are just accepted without my testing them because only the scientist has the means to do the testing. The only knowledge that is mine is what my latest experience has revealed, and if my reading of that experience is based on what I've been told is or isn't so to begin with, it really isn't mine at all.

If I'm able to make a clear distinction between what I'm learning from experience and what science tells me, there's no problem because I'm putting science in its place relative to the authenticity of my own findings. But when scientific findings overrule my experiential findings, I'm upside down.

I can't prove anything to anyone but myself, and even then I can't be sure. If I find myself floating above myself, whatever tests I make in that extraordinary state won't translate to the ordinary, so my testing can't be submitted for peer review. My experience is submitted to my need to know as much about it as I care to, and the more I care, the more scientific I am.

Personally, I've never had an OBE, but I've spoken with others who have, and it isn't something that can be tested in a lab. Taking the word of an expert on OBEs who has never had an OBE is like heeding warnings against marijuana use from those who, for fear, have never used it.

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