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October 05, 2007


I have seen the misleading signs out here, not always reflecting an owner's viewpoint given some are in the right of way. I can see myself walking over, knocking them over with my foot. Naturally I haven't really done it as I am law-abiding, don't want someone trashing my viewpoint, but I do see myself doing it because it irks me when someone puts up a sign that is full of lies-- like that this measure is a wolf in sheep's clothing, like that it takes away property rights. That viewpoint ignores what the owners have received in compensation all these years-- tax breaks. Ignores that much of this property would not have had the potential for development in this scale in the 70s. Tax breaks, for which all Oregonians paid, were given to keep productive land producing. It's interesting how quickly we forget what from which we have benefited.

Here is another anti land use myth shot down:

This is from the Sunday Statesmand-Journal:

"Williams, legislative chairman of the Oregon Association of Mortgage Professionals, says the state's real estate market has remained viable because of a combination of steady population growth and "fairly restrictive" urban growth boundaries that limit the supply of homes in areas such as Portland and Eugene.

"Our real estate values are stronger than anyplace else in the nation, and probably will remain that way," he says."

Full article:


From article: "There's a string of "Yes on 49" lawn signs on four separate properties across Liberty Road from the subdivision. They haven't been touched. So what does the disappearance of the "No on 49" signs tell us?"

It tells you that the people fighting to repeal measure 37 are degenerates who care nothing for ownership rights of others. Hmm, no wonder they love 49.

Degenerates, Ben? I'll tell the hard-working, God-fearing neighbors who live on Liberty Road across from the subdivision what you said about them. If you have the guts, why don't you stop by their houses and call them that to their faces?

You're absolutely right. The vandalism of the signs does speak volumes about those advocating for measure 49; it teaches intolerance of others political views and opinions. It is a bold statement of the misleading charactistics of measure 49. Instead of leaving a sign that could possibly sway voters, yes on 49 voters would just rather take down the sign so poeple might not be aware of what voting yes on 49 entails. I don't like 'yes on 49" signs either, but I have enough class to not go around vandalizing their signs. Furthermore, no on 49 voters do not need to "cheat" our way into winning this vote.

Vote NO, the Stop 49 campaign has been caught in countless lies. Hunnicutt and Oregonians in Action are shameless liars. Check out these truth-telling posts:


Vote Yes on 49. Don't reward liars.

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