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October 21, 2007


This is good journalism, Brian. Too bad the paper doesn't hold to your standards. I'd like to ad a comment I posted to the SJ respecting today's article. In the paper, Dave H compares 49's fix to a Kevorkian fix. Analogies are cute, but they are tricky. I posted this in response:

Dave Hunnicut compares Measure 49's fix of 37 as comparable to Dr. Kevorkian's fix for sick people. I agree with Dave. 49 does just that. I commend Dave for his honesty; but, let's examine his analogy.

If, as Dave says, 49 Kevorkians 37, what then is it that 37 did to Oregon's land-use policy? For 49 to kill 37 (in Analogy Dave's eyes), what is it he finds fatal? Development limited solely by market conditions predicated on the date the property owner obtained the land (and limited by federal law, and public health, but only to the extent that Patti Milne and Sam Brentano feel threatened).

Think, good reader. "Development limited solely by market conditions" is as surely a gutting of Oregon's land-use as is Analogy Dave's comparison of 49 to 37. In reasoning, as in math, consistency and reason requires doing to one side of an argument what you do to the other.

Good old Dave just reversed the logo of the anti-49 advocates. He tells you, as obliquely and as disingenuously as possible, that 37 is in fact a wolf in the disguise of a sheep.

i have not heard how this is polling, have you? I lost my faith in the good sense of the Oregon voter when they put banning gay marriage into the constitution. That wasn't the Oregon I once knew, where I was born and have lived most of my life. The values that used to be important here seem to have been stolen by a group I had no idea was so powerful. The distortions in the No on 49 are just catch phrases to get people to vote, once again, against their own best interests as zoning benefits us all as we live closer and closer. Wonder how the Statesman editorialist would like it if some of his neighbors decided a WalMart on their land was in their best interests. Zoning protects us all and this economics first crowd, don't really want no zoning. I wish we could go back to before 37 but we can't. Now we have a measure that supposedly protects the right of farmers to let their kids live on their land, that loosens up restrictions but it was never the real goal. The real goal is to let the dollar trump quality lifestyle because today people seem to think there is nothing that matters more...

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