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October 22, 2007


Lets pare it all down to the street.
The truth will prevail.
Statesman Urinal endorses M-50.
M-50 is going to fail.
Then the same knuckleheads turn thumbs down on M-49 which will pass.
They are clueless.
At least they use Soy based ink so I don't mind wrapping my dead fish with their rag.

it sounds like a case of follow the money. Too bad. Makes me glad I canceled that paper a year or so ago though (even though it's the only one I could get delivered out back of beyond.

Good work, Brian.

When faced with an initiative or a referendum, voters are expected to exercise the prudence that comes with the responsibilities of citizenship (and with education). Most readers know of the struggles the Founders went through in laying the foundation for the political system we live under. They sought something that would work then and in the future; and they were filled with doubt. They were influenced by their reading of everyone from Burke and Locke, back to Aristotle and Plato - as are most of us who read this.

I preface this response because the Measure 49 referendum turns on the very issues that concerned the Founders, concerned Burke, Locke (and Hobbes), Aristotle, and Plato - the capability of the citizen to act with prudence and judgment.

I am disturbed by the blatant misstatements of outcomes in both Measures before us in November. What really disturbs me is the inability (incapability?) of the purported tribunes of the people to exercise the prudence and judgment that the Founders, philosophers, and advocates expected. I am addressing here the purported Fourth Estate represented by Dick Hughes and the Statesman-Journal.

The S-J wistfully presents itself as an entity with quasi-like judicial aspirations - it markets itself as obligated to look at the evidence, sort out truth from fiction and represent itself as the voice of the people (why else have so many newspapers over the ages called themselves "Tribune"?). Unfortunately, we can no longer rely upon such "tribunes." They are as capable of being seduced by half-truths as are the voters (or worse, willing).

I refer here to the S-J's editorial conclusion that ""Oregon won't be devastated by letting Measure 37 take its course." The conclusion they drew ignored the evidence, failed to sort out truth from fiction, and elected to speak only for some of the people, not for the over-arching principles that the Fourth Estate proposes as a justification for its social, political, and moral value.

The political campaign we are enduring comes at us solely because the Fourth Estate has abrogated its responsibilities by substituting the bottom line of the balance sheet for the bottom line of truth.

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