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October 07, 2007


Oh, my.

Now, please don't misunderstand; I love Salem. I was born in Silverton and wasted my teen years in Salem. And when I finally had my own steam, where did I go? Portland.

They say Portland's parochial, but they don't know. Compared to ol' Snailem, this is a heaven of cosmopolitan thought.

Sinking into mediocrity? Hah! Salem would have to rise into it!

On the sidewalk thing - Salem is actually very unusual compared to most other cities in Oregon. In the rest of the state, residents are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in front of their home. That doesn't necessarily make it the right thing to do, but it wouldn't be unprecendented and it does work in other places.

I went to Willamette and made a stab at living in Salem for a couple of years after that, but I just couldn't take it. Especially working at the City - after Mayor Taylor took over things started to go downhill.

And another ironic thing...my mom worked at Fairview for yonks. It's so strange to see it in the news this way.

Several years ago, my husband and i were walking down a sidewalk in a residential area in Benecia, CA. I tripped on a raised section of walk way and dislocated my finger. The owner of the home in back of the sidewalk ran out to see if I wanted medical help. They had already called the fire department, but wanted to know if I wanted an ambulance? I was more mad than hurt, and told them I was going to call the City of Benecia, who should maintain their sidewalks better. To my surprise, the homeowner said he had to maintain the sidewalk, not the City, and was ready to pay all my expenses.

Why should homeowners be responsible for a public sidewalk? They didn't put it in. I felt sorry for them, and assured them I had no intention of charging them for what was probably just not watching where I was going.

i have to comment on your pesimistic view of salem, because if you hate it here so much why don't you just LEAVE!
i don't mean to be rude but instead of complaing get a life

carolina, I don't hate it here. That's why I want Salem to become a better place to live. I've never said that I hated Salem. That's what you said, not me.

Wanting to improve something, someone, or someplace means you care about them/it. Right-wingers like to say that progressives "hate America" because they see problems that need to be fixed.

This reflects a love for America, not hate. Same with me and Salem. It could be a lot more interesting and stimulating place to live. That's why I criticize it's current boringness.

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