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September 07, 2007


OIA says Measure 49 is a fraud and that it guts Measure 37. They made a federal issue of it; they lost. They say they are going to take it to Marion County Court. If they lose and if they lose the election they say they are going to have the election invalidated.

They will not point to chapter and verse (page and line number to those of us who actually read the text of the Measure) to point to the gutting that occurs. They cannot; so they keep their base in line by telling them that there is no provision for transferrability and that everyone has to reapply and that no one will be able to build anything.

Since that is what they are told, and it is told to them by OIA, it therefore has to be the truth. They have to hammer that 49 is a pack of lies. They are using the Courts as a forum for this campaign. They think or assume that reasonable people who don't read the Measure will but their trust in Ross.

This is what the Measure says about transferrability:

On page 14 of the Enrolled House Bill 3540, is the following:

(6) An authorization to partition or subdivide the property, or to establish dwellings on the property, granted under section 6, 7 or 9 of this 2007 Act runs with the property and may be either transferred with the property or encumbered by another person without affecting the authorization. There is no time limit on when an authorization granted under section 6, 7 or 9 of this 2007 Act must be carried out, except that once the owner who obtained the authorization conveys the property to a person other than the owner′s spouse or the trustee of a revocable trust in which the owner is the settlor, the subsequent owner of
the property must create the lots or parcels and establish the dwellings authorized by a waiver under section 6, 7 or 9 of this 2007 Act within 10 years of the conveyance.

This is found in Section 11 of the bill.

The HinesSight's are rear sighted. They are looking up the wrong direction. I know of many family farms where the next generation is working on them and are running into problems when the parents pass away. They would like to divide the property up within the family. Also, I have been in a meeting where a Planning Director chuckled at M37 claimants passing away on his watch and thus creating additional problems for the heirs.

The proposed M49 is fraud being placed on the public and directly attacks the small family farmer (the heart of America) and the community they live in.

JR, if Measure 49 is so bad for farmers, why is the Oregon Farm Bureau Federation and a bunch of county farm bureaus endorsing the measure? See:

Answer: because you're wrong. Measure 49 protects the small family farmer. And America. I guess you're all for buying our food from China, right?

We have friends with 80 acres that, with incredibly backbreaking and sometimes heartbreaking work can produce about $4,000/ year in income. Because it is in an irrigation district, all rights granted by measure 37 will be taken away by measure 49. (This is right in the text that ANY property in an irrigation district is excluded from any measure 37 or 49 rights.
The fact that this lack of rights is transferable doesn't help much. Vote No, measure 49 just is not fair.

Farmland within an irrigation district is high-value farmland, but M37 claimants can still get up to three homsites under Measure 49. How is that taking all rights away?

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